Monday, February 27, 2006

My Space

My new addiction is my space. I had certainly heard of it but never had any interest in it. While I was checking out the web page of the band Lower Class Citizens (they are friends of Taylor and Michaels and John and I are friends of their parents) I stumbled upon my space. You have to click a link on the Lower Class Citizens site to listen to their music (excellent) and it takes you to their band page on myspace. Under the friends comments section I saw my little Taylor and I clicked on her name and "VOILA!" (you know who that was for) I arrived at Taylor's page which was very cute. Then I thought I would surprise her by making a page for John and I and then leaving a comment with some parental advise. It turned into this monster that I spent all weekend working on. It takes me hours to figure things out on the computer. My background alone... So after all that I go to her site. Armed w/the thought that she will be so surprised to see a comment from Mom and Dad and our picture on her hip page, I go to comment and it won't let me. She has to accept my request first. Bummer! All that work. No sneak attack! The good news is that just anyone can't go on her page but the bad news...

I am still waiting to be accepted......


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