Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Gotta Kiln!!!!!!

Oh my goodness. I can hardly believe this day has come. My kiln was delivered today by Mike,"The Kiln Doctor". I am pretty damn happy right now. It's in my studio right now but John will be building me a separate little room for it. It's beautiful. That's Mike with my kiln sans it's lid. What a great day.

Andie, thankfully came by just in time to save me from more information than I am really ready for just now. We spent a couple lovely hours together. The girl is going to change this world. I know it. She is one intelligent human.

To make my day even more special I talked to my elusive son Michael twice today! Actually it was IM but same thing almost.

Here is the update: He is being sent to Iraq in June. Didn't think he would be able to visit home first because he had filled out a form wrong. He will , however go to talk to someone about it Tuesday. He just spent 7 weeks in the cold, freezing snow up to his knees at least, in tents but seems to be doing fine. He sent me this picture of his friend.

He thought it was funny and come on, it is. He sent another that was also "funny" but I didn't think I should include it on my blog. But they made me feel like everything was okay for now and Michael is having fun. It was 11pm in Germany and he was on his way out. That makes me glad. Have fun Michael. I do miss him terribly. He is a good kid. I hope he can get home. It seems like just yesterday Taylor and Michael were playing in the ocean...

Now they are all grown up and gone away from me. Time flys. But not fast enough 'cause there's still 2 at home! Ha! You thought I had gone soft on you for a minute there didn't ya?

Taylor, all grown up.


Blogger handfulofearth said...

So fire it up, already!! Let's see some pots!

3/26/2006 04:36:00 PM  

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