Saturday, March 04, 2006


It's Friday night. Kids are both out. John and I decided to go to La Hacienda for dinner. Hadn't been in a while. We usually go for Thursday night 95 cent tacos with the kids but I guess we have been busy every Thursday. First we had to drop Lisa off in Ocean Pines and then the dilema of how to get to OC begins. Rt. 90 is closed eastbound from the Pines. Until May! Ridiculous. So we had to go down 113 to Bishopville and down 54. Ridiculously out of the way. As soon as we walked in the door we saw our friends Jeanine and Sonny and their 3 children. And Mike who runs the show there...

Mike introduced us to a couple who are thinking of buying the house across from us which used to be Mr. Bensons. They were a very nice young family. 3 children. I approve. (I did ask them if they intended to raise chickens. No they do not.) We sat at our table and Gilley (who would not let us take her picture)

immediately brought us chips, salsa and cheese dip. The dip was compliments of our supposed friend the chef Barry. (He has not come out and said hello twice now.) Everyone treats us so good at La Ha though. We ordered Margarita's...

And then I noticed the La Ha's special card...

It seems Friday is Margarita night! Who knew? Anyone who has ever visited my home on a Thursday (Rita) knows we go to 95 cent taco night but I don't know...Margarita night sounds damn good. They do make the best Margarita's. It's hard to find good Margarita makers. Most places put too much sour mix and you get a tummy ache.

I ordered the special which was rockfish encrusted w/pecans and served w/a fruit salsa and rice. I felt guilty about the cheese dip. I was trying for healthy which is not exactly what a Mexican restaurant serves up. It was delicious and I only ate half.

John had the other special which was a filet. Such a departure for John. How much steak can one man eat?

His was very good too. Oh and here's why I sometimes drink too much.

He orders them before I can even finish the first one. Needless to say it was a very fun night. Claire stop by our table to say hello. Cute as ever...

They really do treat us well at La Hacienda which is why we love to go there.
Finally here is a picture of how John looks every night of his ever-loving life.

One more thing...We will be going to a party tonight and I was asked to bring some brie. On Thursday I decided to go to Beautiful Foods in Rehobeth Beach. It was a gorgeous day and everytime I go to Rehobeth I think to myself that I really should get there more often. As soon as I walked in Beautiful Foods they began feeding me samples of their EXCELLENT cheeses. All of it to die for. I selected the Brillat Brie, the morcia al vino (or drunken goat) and of course an aged gouda. I can hardly wait.


Blogger handfulofearth said...

I have to argue that I think Tequila Mockingbird makes better margaritas than LaHa. And those homemade chips! I could eat just the chips. I'm pretty spoiled, though - living with a bartender, I don't think anyone can beat my husband's margaritas, cosmopolitans, martinis, or bloody marys. He says it's because of the love. I think it's just that he doesn't use much sour mix, and always gives me extra olives in my martinis. But what do I know?

Looks like you had a yummy meal and a good time - though I wonder what people thought when you busted out the camera to photograph the rockfish (are rockfish even in season yet?) - did anyone ask? (About the camera, not the rockfish.) Regardless, certainly looks better than anything I managed to get on the table this week.

Where is this fancy food store in Rehoboth? Now that I'm there twice a week, I may reward myself with stinky cheese. I loooooove stinky cheese.

:) Andie

3/04/2006 09:55:00 PM  
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