Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mommy Dearest...

Going on 22 years as a mother and I am still knee deep in children. We took Lisa and 2 friends out to the Marlin Moon last night for dinner for Lisa's birthday which is today but she will be too busy partying with her friends today to hang with the family. I forgot the camera. (Idiot). They really enjoyed the shwanky dinner so John and I were happy. Johnny had a pool party to attend. It was for a girl. I was very concerned that he would act like... well, a jerk. But what are you gonna do. He's 12 going on 13. I can't fix that. Anyway he had fun. There were 20 girls and 4 boys at the party. He was happy.
I woke up this morning with 5 kids in the house and John long gone. Yeah. Go to work John. Leave me with the kids. Story of my life. I did my duty and got up, put on the coffee and got to work making waffles which if you read my entry "Dear Carla" , wasn't really much work at all. I decided to not even pour myself a cup-a-joe until I had all this waffle making behind me so I could really sit down and enjoy it. I asked Lisa to get Johnny and his friend and she yelled, "Johnny you fat lard, come and eat your breakfast!" (That's a line from Napoleon Dynamite which is constantly being quoted in this house. ) Then while the kids were chowing on the waffles I started making Lisa's requested birthday cake...Strawberry Shortcake (big cake style). As I searched for the Hot water sponge cake recipe echos of my own mother yelling "Where's my Hot Water Sponge Cake Recipe" went through my mind. Followed by another scary flashback my father yelling and I mean yelling "Who took my god-damn pen!" Remember how we used to scurry to find who did take it. Urging the culprit to just turn it over.

So anyway by 9 AM I had made waffles, fed the troops and made a cake. Finally a cup of coffee. With cup in hand and the house filled with the sound of rock, rap and TV, I sat down to read The Follow Spot which thankfully had a new entry. Hilarious. And I am now craving mac and cheese although I could do without the stewed tomatoes. After that I checked my horoscope for today. Here's what it says:

AquariusLong-distance friends and lovers will be on your mind and in your heart now -- constantly, in fact. You may even be moved to get packed and hit the road. That goes double if you've got something to celebrate, and you probably do. Just don't forget that there may be someone who'd like to join you -- someone who's just dying for an invitation. Call them, make some plans, and get ready to party.

I did dream last night that my son Michael called (which is seriously the only way I am gonna get a call from him. IN MY DREAMS!) and he wanted something about getting in touch w/Carla to get the news to cover something he had to tell us. I guess I really wasn't paying attention. I was trying to sleep. So that takes care of the long distance person right? I mean I am always waiting for him to f-ing call. I am definitely ready to pack and hit the road. That's two. Number 3? Hey , if you know me I am always ready to party soooo... who's dying for an invitation?

My sister Carla and my son Michael who need to get OUT of my head.


Blogger Mark said...

This picture of Carla is priceless - I dont think I have ever seen a better shot of her - so feminine and beautiful

3/19/2006 03:36:00 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Yeah! I got a comment from Mark on my blog! I am so honored. Thank you blog-god.

3/19/2006 07:24:00 PM  

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