Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Great weekend. Beautiful weather mostly. When we arrived in NYC we headed straight to Central Park. We had never explored this part of the city and decided since the kids were with us to do it. I'd make suggestions of places in Central Park and ask the kids where they would like to go. Mostly I'd get an "I don't care..." so I'd just have to be cruise director and drag them around. John is game for anything. Johnny, oddly enough wanted to check out the zoo so off we went. It was pretty small but we got there just in time for the sea lion feeding and the polar bears where out romping around. Very big guys.

We tried to check out Strawberry Fields but kind of got turned around on a Ramble or two and missed it. Next stop was Bethesda Terrace.

We then looked for and found (miraculously) Belvedere Castle which gave us a great view of the park and city skyline....

as well as a view of Turtle Pond which is literally teeming with turtles.

Then my favorite part of the day... The Metropolitan Museum of Art! Finally. I have always wanted to go. Now at this point we had walked quite a distance. We started at the far South end which is like 59th St. and the Metropolitan is on 85th. There was many a Ramble in between so the "teens" are no longer w/me. Lisa is slightly interested in the art but over the walking. In other words they are like a ball and chain around John's and my ankle. John is very much an appreciater of art too. But it's okay. I was so overjoyed to see some of my favorite artists works right in front of my face. Manet, Monet,van Gogh,


Gauguin....I had never seen this one even in a book. It's called IA ORANA MARIA (HAIL MARY). Love it.

Rousseau, Vermeer, Picasso,Matisse. I was truly in awe. I had just turned to John and said now if they just have a Gorky I will die...and I turned the corner and there it was. I haven't been that happy since I don't know when. Water of the Flowery Mill 1944 Arshille Gorky...

So I floated out of the Metropolitan and to our room on the Hudson River. Great views...

The next day we shopped in Soho and the Village which was more Johnny and Lisa's style.

And found some art that interested them more. They had me take a picture.

We shopped and ATE our way right up to the museum of Modern Art. Imagine. Well since we are here. It will only take me a minute, I promise. Oh if looks could kill. But Hopper, Rivera, Klee, Picasso. More of everyone including Gorky. And actually alot more reaction from Johnny. Spray-painted tools hung on a board had them laughing. A big stuffed piece of cake. A huge canvas that was painted blue. How was this art? They could do that. Lively discussions. It was fun.

On Monday we spent more time rambling around the city and ended our visit the way we started. Central Park. This time the Conservatory Garden all the way at the North end. Very glad we went.


Blogger pissed off patricia said...

Hey, thanks for taking me along, at least through your photos :)

5/23/2006 11:58:00 AM  
Blogger handfulofearth said...

And now I am so homesick I'm sick.

But what a glorious trip you had!! The polar bears are my favorites, the male is named Gus and I used to go visit him daily. Love him.

I was just thinking today about how much I missed those trees in Central Park. God, I am jealous!! So happy you all had a nice rest, though!

I'll be in Berlin tomorrow for a classroom observation - will you be around?


5/23/2006 06:15:00 PM  
Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

No druggies shooting up? No couples fornicating in the grass beside the sidewalk? No Muggings? Are you sure you went to Central Park, NYC, USA?:) Thank you so much for a beautiful photo journey!!

5/24/2006 12:17:00 AM  
Blogger cream said...

What a fun-packed weekend, Mary!
Love the photos! It's as if I was there!

5/24/2006 05:45:00 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

TUA- Everyone was on there best behavior while I was there.

Hmm...what fun it would have been if I did take all the commenters along.

5/24/2006 09:00:00 AM  
Blogger spadoman said...

What, No pics of the Big Apple? Where is the big apple anyway!

Nice post, Mary. Glad you had a great weekend!

5/25/2006 07:30:00 AM  

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