Sunday, June 11, 2006


The good thing about living at the beach is people DO come to visit. There is nothing better than getting together with friends and family. I am trying to do that more because that is fun, fun makes me happy, and I am gonna get- that- for- myself of course while the getting is good. Last weekend the friends came to me so this weekend I went to them.

John and I were invited to a friends Luau back in our home town. It was a tight squeeze fitting it in between (YES) another lacrosse tournament. We left after Johnny's 2nd game of the day at 2:30pm (3 hour drive) and met up w/Johns brothers and were on our way. There were many friends from our school days.

New friends and old...

My first roommates Abe and Albert. Abe was our very gracious and generous host. I wish I had a picture from when we were 18. Umm...lets just say we've seen better days.

My beautiful sister-in-law Tosh and my also beautiful friend Denise.

John, his best friend and his twin.

I've got my summer hair (can't fight humidity)and I think I've kicked off the season pretty well 2 weekends in a row. So come on baby let the good times roll!

(Of course my ass is dragging today. John and I slept at John's mothers last night which was right down the street from the party. We were in bed by 2am and up before 6am to get home by 9am to get Lisa to work and Johnny to the last tournament game. Yikes! BUT it was worth it. You never know when the good times will end. Don't miss one. And with that I will be in bed in about 15 minutes.)


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Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. :)

6/12/2006 02:31:00 PM  

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