Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Cat Blogging?

A certain friend of mine has been miffed by a neighborhood cat who likes to lounge about on his property. Take a look:

Cat lounges...

Mark arms himself...

Mark fires away...

Poor cat (who was doing no harm) must leave.

My friend Mike Baggs sums it up for us....


One guess who is next on his list...

Glazing, Firing

Maggie came over and helped me glaze more tiles for the mosaic. It doesn't matter what the design painted on them is because they will all be broken up. I just don't want them all to be a solid color.

Today I am firing the kiln again.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Knew I Liked Paste Magazine

Besides the fact that it turns me on to new music AND this months issue came w/a CD AND DVD I found this bit under LETTERS in my Aug 06 copy of Paste magazine.


I was watching Johnny Cash perform "Folsom Prison Blues" on Paste DVD #21 when my seven-year-old daughter idled into the room. She wasn't much interested until he sang the line, "I shot a man in Reno / Just to watch him die." She looked at him for a second and then asked, "Is that man Dick Cheney?" That moment alone was worth my annual subscription.

That is one smart 7 year-old.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy Birthday

And another Happy Birthday...this time to my mother. 72 years old. She happened to be at my house on her birthday. Unfortunately no one but John and I were home when we brought out her "store-bought" (I didn't have time to bake and I am sure she will trash me later for that) cake. I took her picture w/the cake. Then John decided to get in the picture so she wouldn't look like it was just her and the cake having a lonely little party. (Although that sounds good to me.)

Here are some pics from her modeling portfolio. All that ended when she traded it in for 7 kids. What was she thinking?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Summer Cold

When it rains, it pours. A crush of visitors? I can deal. Blistering heat? I have AC. Lots of work? Got it. A summer cold? Set me on my ass. I felt it coming but ignored the signs. Brushed away the tickle in my throat. Thought the headache and neck pain were from heat and too much glazing in the studio. The sneezing? Well I was going in and out from the studio (which has no AC) to the cool air conditioned house. I told myself I was feeling just a little run-down from too much partying w/visiting friends and family.

Taylor came in on Thursday. I was so looking forward to seeing her. I miss her and Michael so much. The day before I had almost started crying thinking about them. I haven't seen Michael in a year! Taylor and I made plans to go out for her birthday. She went to the beach with Lisa and Johnny and I worked in the studio all day.

I was hot as hell and I had to go back and forth to the house to cool off. I had to finish glazing so I could run the kiln in the morning. I had about 40 tiles to go when Johns family, (two brothers and their families were in town), came over for dinner. Okay I will finish when they leave. I was tired but got dinner out and enjoyed the visit. After they left John came out and helped me finish glazing.

I got up at 6 a.m. to turn on the kiln. My head was pounding, my nose was stuffed. Still this was my first firing of my own kiln WITH something actually in it! WEEEEE! I turned on the kiln and went in to see what I could take (as in medicine) because I was determined to make myself feel better and hang out with Taylor. As the day progressed things got worse. I had to bail on Taylor. It was okay, she had plenty of friends who were going. I had a some problems w/the firing which were made more miserable due to my condition. The icing on the cake came when a call to my son Michael revealed that he would be going to Iraq in August. Now I know its been on and off with that for well over a year and this too could be cancelled but I am definitely feeling like my lucky streak is over. Why should I be so lucky that my kid wouldn't be sent. Certainly the NEWS isn't encouraging. Miserable day.

I was feeling a little better on Saturday morning. I had promised my son Johnny I would take him to the 12th Annual Malibu's Classic which is a surfing contest. He had a lot of friends who were surfing in it. We got there at 9a.m. and though it was cool to watch I could only hang about an hour because I still wasn't feeling well and I left. Plenty of friends there so I left Johnny. I went home and slept for about 3 hours and woke up feeling much better. John, my husband, came home and we decided to go back up to the surf contest for a couple hours and then we would take Taylor out for a "raucous" dinner. It is a lot of fun to watch these surfers. My favorites are the Masters and Legends. The "old guys". They have got style. Though I don't mind watching the young boys....

So now it was Taylors turn to be blue. She was really hoping her boyfriend would surprise her and show up. So far no go. When John, Johnny and I got home though he had just arrived. She was way happy. Johnny was tired, Lisa was out so Taylor, her boyfriend, John and I were going out.

I have only met Taylor's boyfriend one other time and that was a year ago exactly. But this time I got to talk with him over the course of a dinner. John and I talked about it later that evening and we both noticed how tender he is with Taylor. How he can make her smile every time. (Which if you know Taylor, isn't always easy. In fact it's impossible for me when she is in a mood.) That's cool. It was a great evening. It even bordered on raucous.

So Blogger finally let me post pics!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Taylor

Happy Birthday
to my beautiful daughter

22 years today!
And since she is home for a visit we will hopefully have a raucous

Sunday, July 16, 2006


LOOK at this amazing weather. We've had a lot of rainy and overcast days the last couple of weeks so when this weather showed up I had to take up its generous offer and disappear from normal life as I know it.

To be honest it was more than the gorgeous weather. First my mother came in on Thursday and then my friend Claudia came on Saturday for the weekend. I had to HELP Claudia enjoy her visit.

Even John took off early on Saturday and ALL day Sunday to enjoy with us.

The boys were surfing non-stop and I took a lot of pics with my 35mm so I don't have them to share as I used real, actual film. (Remember that stuff?) But I did get some shots of them cutting-up which is ALL they do when not surfing.

Mostly I just sat on my ass.

My brother-in-law came in w/his family and more will be coming later this week. It's that time of the year when the visitors roll in non-stop. And I have to come back to reality now and get some work done. But all the while I will be planning my next escape.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Help Out the Soldiers

Here is a link from our friend American Soldier. Please check it out if you'd like to help out the soldiers and send a care package. Thanks!


Well all... I made it through the firing of my kiln for the first time. It was consuming me much of this weekend. I couldn't sleep the night before. (wtf? Hope that isn't a trend.) It was empty mind you but it was a learning experience and I needed that. Much thanks to Andie who took ALL my calls and helped me through. Also of course my man.

He is so good to me. ( A glaze firing will come next week and I can't wait.) I feel kinda sorta confident. I am definitely walking on air.

My mother is coming on Thursday. She suffers from terrible arthritis and I will be taking her to see someone that is an alternative to traditional medicine. Hopefully he can help w/the pain. We shall see. Gotta keep trying.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Friday, July 07, 2006

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

Mary, Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow?
You have no idea how many times I have heard this in my lifetime. As a child it drove me nuts! I didn't know what I was supposed to say to that. But now I have an answer....

I've come a long way since May...

It rained all week and everything is bursting everywhere.

Amidst all those flowers and herbs are tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cukes to name a few.

And the Nikko Blue Hydrangea are looking lovely.

So that's how my garden grows!

Beach Traffic....YUCK!

I have been very busy pushing to get this kiln fired. Finally the floor in the kiln room is finished so I drove to Baltimore for supplies today. What was I thinking driving to B'more on a Friday? Everyone is headed to the beach today and I got stuck in all the that traffic when I headed home. Duh?! I detest sitting in traffic. Unfortunately I am not in the habit of thinking of traffic patterns on the other side of the Chesapeake. I'll have to work on that. ANYWAY I will finally be test firing tomorrow! Oh the joy and excitement. You just don't know. It's a dream...

Here's a little birdhouse I finished last week.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Teach your children well...

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Monday, July 03, 2006

A Must...Body Slices

Seriously I have to recommend a trip to this blog. You must check out the entry for July 2nd. Fascinating.


These peculiar mushrooms have been appearing on our property for as long as I have been here. They always freaked me out. They always remind me of devil horns for one. What the hell were they and what the hell is that slime on them? We recently had an outbreak of them so I thought to go online and get to the bottom of it. I got out the camera, took some shots and submitted them to David W. Fischer at

He graciously identified them for me. They are stinkhorn mushrooms and in this particular case the species is Mutinus elegans. It's common.

On the site it says:
"...for these fungi really smell awful—like rotting meat or something similarly disgusting. Note that under cool, damp conditions, the mushrooms' odor may not be readily apparent—but a good close sniff will eliminate all doubt." I hadn't noticed an odor and I will pass on the "good close sniff". It also says "they're very spongy in texture, and they're all partially coated with that smelly layer of green slime that "stinks to high heaven." "

Here I thought hell was coming right through my lawn and there was more than one devil. Now I's just the common stinkhorn.

Oh. One more thing. Under FAQ section of the site I found this:

"How do I kill these mushrooms?"

Now, honestly. Would you go to Eagles.Com and ask for information on how to shoot eagles? Unless the mushrooms are growing in your living quarters, you will receive a form letter in response, telling you that mushrooms in your yard can't really be killed without killing everything else, that you should learn to enjoy them, that you should train your children and/or pets to stay away from them, and that if you're worried what the neighbors think of your yard, you need to rethink your priorities in life.

And that my friends, concludes your mycology lesson for today.
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