Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shoe Shopping!

I have seriously been in the dumps about our country the last couple days. Like I have been sucker punched in the stomach. John took me out last night and I ranted over martinis. It just wasn't enough to feel better. So there's just nothing for it but to shoe shop. It won't fix the problems but it will take away the sting for a day.

I shall cross the Chesapeake once more this week...for the cause. Meanwhile check out the links below to understand what ails me. And then vote people. Vote for a big ass change.

Carbon Paper
Lifes Journey

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Getting My Rush On

The Beltway was the same as I remember it...bumper-to-bumper. Argh! Taylor and I had decided to meet outside of DC and take the metro in. We were both coming from different directions so this worked best. I used to ride the metro into DC everyday. It took me awhile to get my rush on. I had to kind of laugh to see all these serious people rushing and pushing past me to hurry and get here and there. I remember when the goal was to hurry, hurry! Each minute shaved off your travel time was a victory. The constant calculation to beat rush-hour. Futile!

We got information on plenty of law schools but learned the most on the ride back in the metro when a very talkative and informative first year law student got on the train. Perfect.

Had some dinner with Taylor and did some shopping while waiting out rush hour natch. Of course as soon as I hit the beltway a little before 8:00PM I was in the ever-loving thick of it. I could not live there any more. I definitely miss some things but not enough. Too much time spent trying to get somewhere. It all comes back to me and I'm glad to be home.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Chicken Parmigiano And Perciatelli...
That's John's FIRST serving. As you can probably guess he was an easy catch using the stomach-as-a-way-to-the-heart-method.

So my plans for today did change after all. Turns out that the Graduate School Fair at George Washington is reping the Law Schools on Tuesday and this is what my daughter is interested in so we will be going tomorrow. I am so proud of her.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

For Mark

This is for Marky Mark who doesn't think I'm posting enough. Here's what I've been busy doing.

These are drawings for another mosaic job. The customers live on the bay and want their kitchen backsplash mosaiced with scenes from the bay. They want fish and crabs and a blue heron. The thing is the backsplash is only 18 inches tall. I am working on scale drawings trying to make it all fit and realizing this is going to be some small work. The more detail I put in the harder it will be. I might nix the daylillies. So I am erasing and re-drawing blah, blah, blah.... Boring and not worthy of a post I thought.

Tomorrow I will be going to George Washington University in our nations capital with my daughter Taylor for a graduate school fair. Many local campuses will be represented like American, Catholic, George Mason, Maryland, Marymount etc. I am pretty excited to go. I hope she doesn't cancel at the last minute which is a very distinct possibility. It's a long drive for me but not bad at all for her. Plus I will have to come back home in the same day because I gotta work. I'll let you know how it goes. (Mark if you weren't in Alaska I would try to meet up with you. Sorry. Carla I am sure you are working but otherwise call my cell. Maybe we are around where ever you will be.)

Got to go make dinner. I've had a request from the family today to make Chicken Parmesan. Hm...don't I know someone else who likes that?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Hummingbird's Daughter

I forgot I had drafted this entry but never finished until Cream's blog asked the question, "What are you reading?"

One of my reads this summer was "The Hummingbird's Daughter" by Luis Alberto Urrea. A fantastic book based on the life of Teresita Urrea the Saint of Cabora who was the authors great-aunt. To the people she was a "saint",miracle worker, healer. The Catholic church considered her a heretic and the Mexican government consider her an "Indian agitator and political rabble-rouser".

You can find out more here.

Here is another great read. Granta: THE FAMILY They Fuck You Up
I love it! Who can't relate to that?
Anyway, I'm just not going to say anything else but check here.

I will ask, as Cream did, what ARE you reading?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vote Dammit! VOTE!!!!!

My blog is not a political blog. I just didn't have that intention when I started it. You can see by my links though that I do read political blogs. I am drawn to them. They help get a better perspective of what people are thinking and feeling and how they are reacting to news. But today I feel compelled to do a post on voting. I am not adept at expressing myself through written word but I will do my best.

I am appalled at the number of people who don't vote. I have been asking people, because of the recent vote "Did you vote?". No. I don't vote. People, I am not a college educated person but I know that it is my responsibility as citizen of this country to take an interest and inform myself as best I can and vote. It is ignorant to do otherwise. Ignorant. This is our country and we need to be responsible citizens or it won't work. It's a little thing. It will make you feel good about yourself.

The League of Women Voters (leave it to the women) has an excellent website. They put out a Voters Guide that is an excellent resource for informing yourself about candidates in any vote and where they stand on issues no matter where you live. They zero in on your voting district, state,county etc. You can also go there to register to vote. Do that now! EVERY election is important.

My father used to say, as he banged his fist on the dinner table, "If you don't vote you're an idiot!" Not so eloquent or even explanatory but you can bet your ass all of his children are registered voters because who wants to be an idiot?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Big Blogger Results and Michael!

Quite an entertaining video. I can see a lot of work when into it. I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me. I especially want to thank my voluntary campaign manager Carla and my biggest cheerleader Beth.

I woke up this morning to my phone ringing and was irritated that someone was calling so early until I thought "hey maybe it's Michael". It was! He's still in Kuwait waiting to see where he goes from there. He says it HOT. 120 degrees. He said at night it goes down to 80 degrees and he is freezing and has to put a shirt on. All sand and camels. No green. I said I think you better get used to that. He bought a camera so hopefully I can get a picture here soon. He has access to a computer right now so family members, you can send email if you want. I was very happy to hear from him.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Don'tFeel Like Dancin', Dancin'....

Oh, I have a life. I do. You will never guess how much time I spent on this site.

Just follow these links. I promise it will be fun.

John and Mary 1
John and Mary 2
the children
and again with the children

I could go on and on w/these links but by now you are making your own.
I am grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I seriously need to get well.

Taylor and Sheldon
Carla and Scott (edit)
Oh and don't forget to push the buttons on the elevator...

Okay now I am tired. Carla that last one was a little sloppy. Don't forget to push the buttons on the elevator while the dancing is going on. It changes the hair-dos.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


I have nothing to report or talk about all week on my blog. Nothing. I have been ill since Monday when I awoke with a sore throat which proceeded through the week and progressed into cough, headache, stuffy nose, runny nose,fever, chills...I don't know a cold symptom I don't have. Like a dumbass, around Wednesday I was feeling the slightest bit better and went for a 5 mile run. It's been downhill since then. I am trying to lay around today but two 13 year old boys horsing around all day doesn't make for much relaxation. Either does the dirt biker or three wheeler (they are both noisy) riding up and down my road all day.(Did I ever mention you can practically touch my house from the road?) I've been fantasizing all day about ridding the earth of these annoyances.

In addition it's Bike Week in Ocean City which means in between boys and dirt bikes, masses of motorcyclists come down the road (I guess they are stretching their legs a bit as OC is one 10 mile road w/much traffic and hoards of cops put on duty just for this event.) Normally I don't mind Bike Week because there are so many cool bikes out there to look at. I'm just not handling the noise well this time. And it is irritating having massive amounts of cops on duty everywhere. I had to take Johnny to a Doc in Salisbury which is a city 30 minutes from OC. You pass through on your way to OC. There is only one route. I passed 4! speed traps. Are they trying to discourage these visitors from coming to OC? Unfortunately who do you think they succeeded in catching? No, not me. John. Friday when he was running to and from jobs he received a $160 speeding ticket. (The job he was coming from was just someone trying to get an estimate for insurance purposes. After John measured and gave an estimate the guy told him and then had the nerve to ask if he could recommend anyone else.) Needless to say it was a bad day for John.

I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend. I'm sure you are glad you stopped by to hear my bitching. I don't do it often do I?

I took this for Spadoman
and forgot to include it in my boardwalk post so I will put it here in my Bike Week and poor sick me bitching, post.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The FINAL Big Blogger Vote

Thank god almighty we are finally at the final vote!

You may email your vote for which blogger should win to

Voting opens today at 3pm and runs thru 11:59PM, eastern time on Friday.


You can go here to see all the remaining contestants answers to questions in the final round. I am as eloquent as ever...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Camping on Assateague Island

John dropped me off at our site around 2:15PM and had to leave to get the kids from school and take Johnny to lacrosse practice. I had to set up camp by myself. That's okay but then again it isn't. We had three campsites in a row and luckily some of my friends were there already and helped me w/the kids tent which was too big for me to do by myself.

When my family got there camp was all set up. How nice for them. Anyway we had to eat real quick to make it to the moonrise party down on the beach(we had one each night). It pretty much went like this...

My camera did the moon and ocean no justice. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The boys did some moon-skim boarding and started getting in the water but it freaked me out. I didn't want them swimming in the ocean at night and made them stick to the skim-boarding.

ALL of my camping friends had air mattresses w/them. Not me. John and I were sleeping on the floor of our tent. I have camped at Assateague before and it was never a problem because the sand is soft but this time the sand was hard and wet from Ernesto. It still hadn't dried out. It seems Assateague had been hit pretty hard and had lots of flooding in the campsites. Needless to say is was a pretty sleepless night. I cooked up breakfast and then beat it out of camp and back to the real world were I bought the biggest air mattress I could find. Oh yea...

The rest of the trip was hanging on the beach, flying kites, eating, surfing, eating, drinking, moon-rise parties at night, just a lot of fun.

Then there were the ponies. I can't forget to talk about the wild ponies of Assateague. Sometimes you will see them on the beach and they come through camp a couple times each day.

The second night we were there I was sound asleep on my new deluxe air mattress. I was awoken by the sound of someone urinating and farting simultaneously. Oh my. Did someone have too much to drink at the nightly moon rising party and couldn't make it to the restrooms? I look out my window and there is a pony in the next (thank goodness) camp space relieving himself. John and I had a good laugh.

It was hard to leave on Sunday. We stayed until 6:30. Luckily we are only 20 minutes away. Great fun.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Boardwalk Part 2

Honestly I hadn't been to the boardwalk at night in so many years. When the kids were little we would go ALL the time. There was a point in my motherng caree I started getting overload. (give me a break, 4 children since I was 21) I can't say exactly when it was but maybe it was when my first 2 hit the ever so lovely teen years. So everytime John would say "Let's go to the boardwalk!" I'd say, "Oh you guys go I'll stay home" and I would proceed to enjoy the peace and quiet of being home alone.

So this trip was nostalgic. It really brought back memories of hanging out with the kids. I especially thought about Taylor and Michael being babies and going on all the rides. I would come from Washington every weekend to see John and John would take the kids and I to the boardwalk. He got as much pleasure watching them on the rides as I did.

Something all the children will remember is John winning them prizes playing this game, a guaranteed winner.:

All the men know this is the one game that gets you the prize.

Now we feel like men! (He gave the prize to a little boy.)

Of course no visit to the boards is complete unless John gets his fries...

Now here is the update on the BIG BLOGGER CONTEST. I made it through that surprise round. Thank you to all who voted. I am going camping for the weekend. Hope I don't get voted off while I am away. Oh well...
Check this link to The Follow Spot if you want to see the Round 6 results.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big Blogger Surprise Vote

Let's see if I can explain:
There are 3 players left in the game, Antonio, Me, Tina. Mark has devised a surprise vote where one of us (the remaining players) is replaced by one of the previously deleted players.

Antonio of BruDogHaven
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I guess he showed me...

You must head on over to The Katrinacrat to see Donnie McDaniel
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in snake blogging.

Blogger 5 Results

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boardwalk Photo Booth

The other night John took me to the boardwalk again. It was when we were w/o electricity so we were trying to fill time. We couldn't sit at home or spend another minute in the OC place. I saw someone sitting in the photo booth and thought it was an interesting picture.

Then John suggested we take some pics. As we have never been to the boardwalk and not done it I agreed.

We waited for the pictures to come out of the slot.

The same pictures of people from the '60's showing examples of how to pose that I used to see when I was young are still on display on the booth. Funny.

Here's our shots. The good, the bad, the ugly. John said we were boring.

It got me thinking about all the photos we had taken on the boardwalk and I started rooting around. I did come up with some. It's a nice record.

Yes I had some bad hair days but it's nice to see the kids little.

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