Thursday, November 30, 2006

For No

I have to hurry w/my posting again. Ya know...working and all. But this is a picture of a Converse All Star Chuck Taylor. No, you know, you know, what they are! Chucks! I have them in black but they come in every color. I wouldn't mind a pair of red high tops. I wear my black ones w/everything. In summer they are cute w/a skirt and tee.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pet-lovers alert!

I have been meaning to link this site. I must quickly post this as I have to get out of here. This is a great idea for a gift for all you pet-lovers. Please check out my friends site MacWick Designs. He makes the most adorable pillows from your pets picture. Great Christmas gift idea.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


My feet hurt people. My feet HURT!
2nd day in a row I stood for 8 plus hours mosaicing a backsplash. How can you sit and mosaic a backsplash. You can't that's how.
Yesterday was better because, well first off my feet were virgins to this activity and second I had a cushy pair of beat up, old, uggs on. This morning I got my uggs wet working w/the tile saw so I changed in to my Chucks which are really not cushy at all.
My feet hurt. Wah.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Michael News

I heard from Michael the Saturday after Thanksgiving. His email said, "we didn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving. We had two missions that day from 1am - 9am, then slept and then from 4pm - 11pm. I'll try to email more often but we stay busy. Love, Michael"
He said he would email some pictures the next day but they never came and I am sure they are keeping him busy.

I myself will be busy this week mosaicing the backsplash of a kitchen. Yes, finally the bay/heron scene is being installed. I will take pictures.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I have finally mastered the preparations for Thanksgiving by spreading the work throughout the week. Nothing is left to the last minute. My table was ready in the morning. All that had to be done the day of was the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. And any prep work for that had been done too.

Carla (with a cute new cut) and Scott arrived first, followed by my daughter Taylor and my niece Tish and her fiancee Jason.

We had drinks and hors d'oeuvres which included a scrumptious cheese selection and some great shrimp that my son Johnny made. Some families don't enjoy the cheese and other hors d'oeuvres before dinner but my family does.

Here is a picture of Scott and Tish. Tish had recently gotten over DENGUE FEVER and had lost a lot of weight so maybe she shouldn't have had quite so much to drink.

Dinner was excellent. Unfortunately I guess I was so eager to eat the food that I didn't take any pictures. The usual suspects were served. Turkey, sage stuffing, mashed potatoes, rutabagas, green beans, cranberry sauce, a mixed greens salad w/pears, pecans and chevre only I forgot to add the pears. My only screw-up. The whole time I am eating the salad and people are complimenting me on it I am thinking 'this is good but something is missing'.

You might notice there was no sweet potatoes on my menu. That is because my mother (who was otherwise an excellent cook) used to make these bourbon sweet potatoes when we were children. I don't know if it was the bourbon or what but they used to make me gag. I am not the only child in the family who as an adult has an aversion to this tuber. Perhaps if she had made that marshmallow kind I would have a different view of the sweet potato.

When dinner was over my daughter immediately got up and started cleaning and then enlisted her siblings. Ahhh....

Taylor said if Michael were home she wouldn't have even had to ask him to help. She believes the younger two don't receive the discipline her and Michael did and are spoiled.

Anyway we just sat there while the children cleaned up.

After dinner we made an attempt to squeeze in some dessert but again I took no food pictures. Pumpkin pie, lemon brulee, and apple pie were on the dessert menu.

I tried to take a picture with my younger sister Carla but I was never happy with the results. She always came out looking...younger dammit! I didn't like the way my hair was looking so fakey. (Lukku, notice the blemish on my chin. That's for you. I'm 43 okay!)

So it was a great Thanksgiving. Good food. Good company.
Now I am off to spend the day with my daughter.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Monday, Monday

Lord what a day we had yesterday. Johnny (he of the swollen gums and fat face) and I were at the dentists office by 8 AM. By 8:45 we were on our way to see a peridontist is Salisbury. At 1:00 we walked out of that office $271 poorer with a prescription in hand. I didn't even want to think what that would cost. It seems the combination of a molar coming in and braces shoved up against his gums caused them to swell (and I mean swell) and then bacteria was getting caught in their depths (?) which caused infection and more swelling. At least that's what I made of all they were telling me. There is an orthodontist out there who I need to talk to today.

Anyway I want to tell you this about my sweet fat cheeked Johnny. (Sorry but Mama has to brag.) We stopped to get the prescription filled and outside of the store was the bell ringer with his red bucket. Without saying a word to me Johnny walked right up and put money in the bucket. His own money. My son.

They announced on the radio his teams win at the lacrosse tournament in Fairfax Virginia. The child played 7 games that day with his swollen gums. It was a U15 team and his team is made up of mostly younger kids (13) so they played bigger guys and still won. Unfortunately I wasn't there. I have heard he played really well. He plays in another tournament the day after Thanksgiving I think in New Jersey. And today (this is it I swear) he is going to school long enough to go to band practice (drummer) and take a Social Studies test he missed yesterday EVEN THOUGH he still has a fat swollen face. Ain't life grand?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Getting Ready

I've been to the grocery store 3 days in a row and I think I finally have all that I need for the big feast. Today I made my cranberry sauce. It is delizioso! You cook the cranberries in fresh orange juice , sugar and a split vanilla bean. You have to scrape the vanilla bean after it cools. It gives a wonderful flavor to the sauce.

All the leaves have vacated the branches around here so John spent the day raking. He had some help from Lisa. I wish I hadn't been so busy or I could have taken some pictures of them. I caught them yelling at each other a few times. I used to like raking leaves but I was too busy to help.

Johnny woke up with a big fat cheek today and quite a bit of pain. I don't know what it is but he will be at the dentist first thing Monday. He played in a lacrosse tournament in Fairfax Virginia yesterday and his team won it all! Today practice started for indoor lacrosse and he went despite the tooth or whatever it is. I imagine it won't start bothering him again until its time for bed.

I am finally going to the job site for the mosaic backsplash tomorrow. Yeah! I can't wait to get started but I don't imagine I will get much done until after Thanksgiving. In fact as it is their kitchen I may not start until after T-day.

My best news is I finally heard from Michael. It's getting hairy but he's doing okay. He got the package I sent and was glad to have it. Good. Best I can do.

(Raking not racking! What is wrong w/me? I hate when I spell wrong. I knew something was wrong w/that word but my brain wasn't processing. )

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Okay... my blogging has sucked lately. I really am busy. I did another load of tiles in the kiln.

Some good and some bad. Nothing new there.

I am still WAITING for the bay/marsh mosaic to start. Umm...I think I got that job in July and it was supposed to start in September. I had a call about it Thursday. Something along the lines of almost ready.

John made up some frames for mosaic mirrors at last. Hopefully I can get some of those made.

Now this next part is for you Carla. I enjoying seeking out different varieties of pumpkins for a lovely doorside fall display.

Recently (right before Halloween to be precise) someone hijacked one of my pumpkins and decorated it with paint and a bandana and the words "Thug Life". Now I realize I should have blogged about this a couple of weeks ago when the aforementioned pumpkin was looking more spry but I didn't so here is what remains:

The creator of this pumpkin is shown below, looking quite "thugish" I might add in his too small boxers on his way back from the laundry room (in the barn) with his hamper. (A job he was surely forced to do.)

I asked myself the other morning as I drove past the "Thug Life" pumpkin, "Why do I not get rid of it?" The answer, as my sister pointed out to me is it's funny.

I wonder what the farmers think?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remember the Veterans

I'd like to say thank you to all who have served.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Grey Gardens

This summer I came across many references to Grey Gardens. I had never heard of it so when I saw this reference for the 4th time I finally googled it. I learned it was documentary made in the 70's. It was about the Aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The documentary follows their everyday life in a ruined mansion in the Hamptons. The house is full of raccoons and cats that they feed. I ordered it from Amazon and was mesmerized. I can hardly explain my fascination. Little Edie is crazy and creative and her fashion sense is just beyond beyond. She always knows the best costume for the day. I've taken to wearing a powder blue towel on my head w/a brooch. Oh and she is a STAUNCH character.

Why do they live this way? Why can't big Edie let go of the past? Why does little Edie let herself be controlled by her mother? What the hell happened to these former members of high society? How can they possibly live in such squalor? Why do they FEED the raccoons? It is funny and heartbreaking to watch. I recommend it.

Now here is the best surprise(for me anyway). I just found out it is Broadway SHOW! Oh joy!

Can you see that I have a problem?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Feeling Good

I don't love the video but I LOVE Nina Simone and this song.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted...

PLEASE vote too!
There is a great post over at The Peace Train by Glenda. Stop by.

Update: I must add this most excellent link to Ms Liberty
and her post titled IMHO

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sorry, I've been busy...

What can I say about my shabby blogging lately? I have been busy and that's good. The weather has been getting colder and colder so on Saturday I decided (and believe me I have to force myself as I hate shopping around here) to run up to Salisbury to get some long-sleeved t's. I accomplished the missions swiftly at Old Navy. Bought 7 long-sleeved t's. Then I ran into Target to buy a Thomas O'Brien big, soft, plush, bathmat. These bathmats are the shiz no lie. After that I bought a new car. WTF? Umm hmmm. I bought a new car. Just like that!

I am the QUEEN of research before purchase. I get my ass ready when I am going to buy a car. I am NOT getting ripped off. NOT! We were "talking" about getting a new car and I had been researching but didn't want to do all that work w/o test driving. Taylor, who has gone to college, helped pay for her schooling, lives on her own and pays her own bills, and is now looking for a graduate school was going to need another car. We decided to give her our 3 year old Element and buy a new car for me. I called John who was also in Salisbury at a lacrosse tryout with Johnny to come test drive w/me. We met at the Toyota dealer.

I would LIKE a car that can ride on the beach and that can handle all the crap like surfboards, and lacrosse gear and all my mosaic stuff. I definitely want a car that has room in the back because the kids need it when we go on long road trips and we do go on long road trips because John doesn't like to fly. The back seats of the Toyota, didn't recline even a little (come on) and there was No leg room back there. I am telling you right now...Once you have had an Element there is no going back. I can take it on the sand. There is so much room in that thing it isn't even funny.

The seats flip up against the sides and look at all that cargo room.
There is no carpet in it.(But you can get one w/carpet which I think would be stupid) Why would you want carpet in a car? You put your feet in a car w/o the advantage of wiping them off first. It is so easy to clean and I love CLEAN. AND it has a really good price on it. So we went over and looked at the Hondas. We liked it but I told John I can't buy w/o researching the price. He said okay. Lets just make a super-low offer and see what they come back with.

We made an offer, they came back. They let me use their computer so I could check. We bought a car.

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