Friday, June 29, 2007

When is it enough?

Here's how my morning goes. Get up. Turn on the computer. Start reading the news. Catch this bit right off. Then head over here. Then I wait for a phone call. And I pretty much hold my breath until I get it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

High Power Worker and very cool....

Triple Tagged!!!!

I have been slacking on my blogging for quite a while now for various reasons but after missing about 3 days of reading blogs I got online and found I had received the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award from LA BELLINA MAMMINA ! And THEN I got a second Rockin' Girl Blogger Award from Katie. Wow. You two really know how to make a stressed out girl, nursing a cold, feel appreciated.
I know some of you hate this kinda of stuff so don't stress. I'm a rule breaker type. Snag the Rockin' Girl Blogger tag and forget the rest. What are they gonna do? Send the Rockin' Girl Blogger police after us?

The rules for the 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award state that if you're tagged, you get this spiffy little badge on your post and then you tag five other chicks who you think ROCK. Ummm...I'm gonna have assume that would be 10 chicks for me.

I'm starting w/NO. There is NO better way to describe her than ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER. Not only does she blog on her personal blog but she also posts at THE PEACE TRAIN. Her Point/Counterpoint posts with Bluegrrrl are the best. She's mysterious, unpredictable, never afraid to state her view and always supportive of her fellow bloggers. (Don't shy away from awarding this to others No. You know how these things go around. We all will have it soon.)

Speaking of Bluegrrrl she get's the next one. She ROCKS at her place and THE PEACE TRAIN . She is constantly and tirelessly blogging for peace and participating in all kinds of peace promoting events. She appreciates a good Margarita AND has a fondness for a nice pair of Chuck Taylors which are just a few more reasons why she ROCKS!

Which brings me to Peacechick. Another tireless peace activist who constantly has me laughing and thinking at the same time. She's a gentle soul but she kicks ass and takes names. She also rocks it over at THE KATRINACRAT. Rock on Peacechick!

DIZZY This girl definitely has the right name. I can't keep up with her. She is a supermom, homeschooler, DJ, hardworking Army wife which means she's a single mom for long stretches! Now add to all that her blog and she ALSO posts on THE KATRINACRAT Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. She's always got an opinion and she's not afraid to tell you. She is a strong woman and she ROCKS!

Another busy, busy mom is Dawn over at the appropriately named MY CRAZY LIFE. She's got a whole cast of characters over there with her 3 boys and 2 dogs and husband. She wins the award for volunteer work that I have no idea how she continues to fit in w/ all thats on her plate. That's why I think she ROCKS!

Do you knowIngrid? She has 2 blogs Blogger Round Table and Austin Permie. She's into going green, she's smart,she always has something interesting to share and you guessed it...she ROCKS!

Next up...Good For Me. Another single working mom and the queen of haiku. That's right...she ROCKS!

Now my list would most def not be complete if I didn't add ALICE. When I grow up I'm gonna be just like her. She inspires me (I swear Alice I am trying to post a video blog but it takes me awhile to figure stuff out.)and always piques my curiosity. She definitely rocks.

If you want something original then try Pursey Tuttweiler. Her and the gang at Live at The Gay Agenda are always shaking things up. She ROCKS!

Finally there is Hayden's Blog. Here descriptions of food are musical! She makes you want to get out your chefs hat and start cooking or just eat. SHE ROCKS!

(I stole your rainbow bar Bluegrrrl. Hope you don't mind.)

I have also been tagged with a Thinking Blogger Award by Bluegrrrl over at Out of the Blue. This is my second time w/this one folks and I'm as surprised as I was the first time. I think I may display the award this time.


1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to the original post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme. (there’s that word…)

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

I think everyone has gotten this so let me TRY to find 5 that haven't BUT you all make me think for sure.

I have to give this to Ingrid at(sorry to hit you twice)Austin Permie because she really does make me think about Green Living and all the ways I can improve.

JM atJohn's Blog for sure makes me think about things I never would have imagined.

Donnie at The Katrinacrat gets me thinking about kicking some ass!

Nick at This is it is a runner and I like him. He makes me think about some very engaging subjects like peaches and dreams and what we eat. Plus it's always so "chill" over at his place.

Finally C-Dell at Views of the Silent Majority. If his posts don't make you think then...your brain dead.

Whew! Hope that does it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Ahhh! My interview questions are in from TUA.

1. The War. We all talk about, it, write about it, but you have to live it - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for you have currently have a Son over there in combat. How has that changed you and your Husband, how has it changed your life (if at all in both cases), and what would you tell the parents of the "neighbor teen" who can't wait to "see action?"

For John and I, having Michael in Iraq has changed us in many ways. The biggest being that we appreciate and cherish and celebrate every minute with our children. For me personally I would say it has made me more politically aware of whats going on . I always followed politics but this makes me more serious. It has definitely made me an activist for peace. I was always for PEACE but now I try to have my voice heard. There are little ways that it has changed me also such as losing sleep, walking around w/a phone CONSTANTLY in my hand, worrying, worrying, worrying.... and feeling helpless to help my son.

I feel, so deeply for everyone w/a family member over there and for all the soldiers. I want to protect them from these life changing, awful, unnecessary events that occur in a war. But unfortunately I can't do that. So at the very least I want to reach out and let these soldiers and families know I care. I care that you are there. I care about what you are going through. I think it's important because it sure as hell doesn't seem like anyone does care.

I think the best advice I can give parents who may have a child wanting to see action is educate them about the war. Let them read what vets have to say. Let them read the blogs of soldiers who are there now. Better yet get them involved in politics at a very young age. Let them know how you feel about war. Take them to PEACE rallies. If peace is instilled in them at a young age they hopefully wouldn't even consider joining the military. I wish I had had political discussions w/my children. We talked about some things but not war. Big regret. I never would have thought in a million, trillion years that one of my children would join the military. If you can't educate them into not joining than hogtie them until the feeling passes or the next fleeting fancy comes along and take ahold of them.

2. You are enormously talented in a number of areas. Much of your Mosaic work appears on this blog, as well as on this one. Describe in detail what lead you to your interest in Mosaics, did you attend college as an art major, and are there other areas you'd like to branch out to? If you could do the "dream Mosaic", what would it be?

TUA you flatter me. "Enormously talented". Wow. It's just not me. I wish w/every fiber in my being that I had attended college as an art major. I do believe I have a lot of potential I just need the training.

I moved out of my parents house the second I turned 18 and before I was even done w/High School. I did finish my senior year hitch-hiking to school. My father had that same attitude that you see the main character in the movie Cinderella Man has. You don't take the dole. No handouts. With 7 kids that means you don't exactly encourage them to go to college when you're not going to accept financial aid. I think the offer was something like 2 years of community college (and this offer was presented while screaming at the top of his lungs). thanks. I couldn't wait to get out of there. A few of my siblings did work there asses off and went. For the record, shortly before he passed away my father admitted that it was a big mistake not to send his kids to college.

I have always been creative in some way. I drew alot when I was young. I sewed alot and made my own clothes. I would even design and make my own tops. During the few years between leaving home and starting a family I was really into photography. At some point I really needed to recognize that part of me. I was going stir crazy after years of raising kids and had a real need to express myself and do something that paid and was creative. Lo and behold a friend told me of a local potter who needed an assistant and I jumped on it. I learned everything I know there. Glazing tiles and sinks, and doing mosaic mirrors, sinks, back splashes, floors, all of it. I loved it all and am very appreciative of the experience. After sometime though I had to move on. I slowly set up my own studio.

I am the kind of person who wants to put her finger in every pie which is why I would have loved art school. I want to try it all. I want to be proficient in all types of mediums. There is no type of art I wouldn't want to at least try. I would LOVE to be a great painter. I think it would be such a great form of expression. And I think I will eventually explore this avenue.

My dream mosaic would be something BIG like the whole outside of a building or a very long wall somewhere.

3. You're quite a jogger (with Ipod attached, of course!:P). Have you always liked to run, is it a way to "escape it all" for a while, or purely for physical fitness? If you couldn't run, what would you do?

I came to jogging by way of staying in shape. Yep. I'm not happy when I'm overweight and I like to be happy. I do appreciate it as a form of meditation and I definitely get that runners high but I have a bad-ass sweet tooth and I gotta run to counteract that.

4. Your Husband comes home and says "Pack! We're moving to _____" and you can have your choice of any city in the world - but you have to stay there the rest of your life. What city would that be, and why?

I hate this question because I want to live everywhere! But okay if I have to pick just one...I'm would have to say NYC. (I am tempted to say Savannah though.) Why? Because I love the arts and I could indulge there everyday for the rest of my life and never get bored and because John is just a city guy at heart and is highly entertained by the characters of this particular city when he gets there. I believe he'd take up cab driving so he could talk to everyone and drive like a cabbie.

5. The flood waters are rising. You can only grab three things out of your home to take with you (i.e. pics, computer, favorite clothes, etc.) What would those three things be, and describe your decision in detail?

Good question. I am assuming my family is already out. Photo albums because I love going back over my children's lives. I miss my babies and I don't want to forget how adorable they were. Then I would have to take the computer that has more photos on it and for that reason only. Honestly I can't think of a 3rd. I'd be wearing my wedding ring. I mean I adore clean underwear but one pair wouldn't do me much good. Well I guess I could wear the clean pair while I wash the other so...I'll go with a change of underwear. I mean let's face it if this is treated anything like Katrina I won't be allowed to bring anything and if my family is safe then I will be fine.

OMG! I hope I didn't bore the ca-ca out of everyone.

Do YOU want to be interviewed?

Interview rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview
someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them
five questions.

2 blogs.

I am in such a big hurry this morning. I have to take my cat to the vet for a check-up and it took me all morning to find her. She must know whats up. I did indeed find her and she is in a holding cell as we speak.

So real quick check out these 2 posts when you have a chance. The first is Random Art of Kindness by Yh8? (BTW YH8? will be contributing some artwork to the Peace Blogswarm).

The 2nd is over at Life's Journey which I am sure most of you already read. It's an interview w/questions asked by
TUA and answered by Betmo. It was actually posted yesterday but I just got to it this morning. In case you missed it go check it out.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Blogswarm for Peace on the Fourth of July

Please join us for the Blogswarm for PEACE
on the 4th of July.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Old Friends

After the pool debacle I was really looking forward to a party an old friend of mine was having back where John and I grew up. I get to see alot of people from school and old friends and new. Abe has the party every year and it is always so great to see everyone.

This is Abe and Albert. They were my roommates (just roommates) when I was 18! Such a long time ago.

Here is John with his best friend from back in the day and his brother.

At this same party last year I met my NEW friend Kevin. He is a very talented and creative guy. We hit it off right away.

Among other talents he makes the most beautiful handmade cards. I can barely use them because I want to frame them. But sometimes I do. He gave me MORE at the party. I will show you some.





Is he talented or what?

The next morning I shared a wonderful Colombian breakfast w/my friend Claudia. She made it for me. How nice is that. I wish I had taken a photo but my battery died.

John had gone on before me as Johnny had a game in Annapolis. After breakfast I stopped by Johns families house to wish Johns father a happy fathers day. When I got home I found John enjoying his fathers day gift. We hit it just right this year. He loves it.

Pool Nightmare

Okay. Here's my story. It seems small compared to other of life's problems but it ranked as a bad day at the time.

We have an above ground pool. Something like 8 feet round and 4 deep. I think it is ugly but it was nice to have for the kids. There didn't seem to be much interest in it last year and it is alot of work for me to keep the water clear. Every winter no matter how you secure the cover the pool gets filled w/all kinds of crap and its a pain to clean out. I wasn't planning on opening it this year and in fact told John we should get rid of it. But Lisa voices that she wants the pool opened and that her and her friends would definitely use it.

We completely drain the pool (rent a pump)rather than clean the water w/the filter. We then order a tank of water to be delivered for $210. Meanwhile I clean up the filter and set that all up. Get all my starter up supplies for another $150. The water is delivered on a COLD Friday morning and I am the only one home. The man filling the pool comments on how cold the water is and I agree. He leaves. The delivery truck only holds 6000 gallons of water and I need a little bit more to fill the pool up in order to turn on the filter. I stick the hose in and go in.

Later I check. The pool is losing water at an alarming rate. When I look for the source of this leak I see a half dollar size hole in the floor of the pool. There is no one around but me to save the day. I am going to actually have to get in that pool and go to the floor of it to fix this on a COLD ASS DAY IN FREEZING COLD WATER. Where the hell is that child of mine with the wetsuit when I need him?! I have pool patch kits and I grab one and get in. This would be the point when I let out my first AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh! of the day. I am instantly shaking like a leaf. The water was so cold that when I went under my best plans went to shit and all I manage to do wash stuff a wad of the patch material in the hole. I could not force myself to go under again. I had however slowed the leak from gushing to a slow, slow leak.

Finally after many frantic phone calls (okay hysterical, I was hysterical) wetsuit boy and pool wanting girl arrive home. Wetsuit on, Johnny manages to stay under for so long I am amazed. He properly applies the patch after many dives under and saves the day. I think. Later when I had the pool to the level I wanted I plug in the filter doesn't work. I walk away. Defeated. I can see now that the pool is still leaking a very small amount. I am losing about an inch a day. So a new filter, a new liner and another load of water would be what we would need to get it running. As my friend said, "Well Lisa get in and start swimming. Don't stop until the water runs out." I say how about an in ground pool. At least then I'd be doing all that work for something that looks good.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Today sucked!

(I had to get that out.)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Women in Art

Art brings me joy...

Spit Art

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Awards Ceremony

Here's my handsome youngest at the academic awards ceremony at his school.

Here he is w/a friend and all I can notice in this picture are the stains on his shirt.
After the ceremony the principal came up to me and said what a great kid Johnny was and how he will do well. It was nice to hear for sure but I know. He is a very well rounded kid. Gets along w/everyone, does great in school and is a very good athlete. Sensible, kind and caring. Does he clean his room? Not if you ask him a million times. Ah well.
Johnny is moving on to the High School and Lisa will be a senior. Today is the last day of school. Yes! I despise keeping up w/all that stuff I have to sign and riding the kids on reading and homework. Break out the summer baby!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Where's my payoff?

"In the midst of death, we are in life. Heh? Or is it the other way around?"

I've watched the Sopranos for something like 8 years. I waited through interminably long breaks sometimes. Breaks that made wish for the cancellation of the show so I wouldn't have to wait. When they announced that this would be the final season I was glad. I never liked Tony. I despised the corruption. I was hoping that him and his whole dirty mob would be whacked. They are bad, bad people. I wanted that to be the moral of the story. You get involved w/the mob, here's how it ends. Umm, of course I was highly entertained by the show. I just despised Tony. I wanted him to get what he had coming.

So where's my payoff for all those years of viewing? My first reaction to the ending was "we were used!" David Chase is laughing his ass off. John said make your own ending. That's bogus! I don't want to make my own ending. But at three o'clock in the morning I woke up and thought wait a minute, I did get my payoff. All the suspicious people in that diner. The FBI after him. Taping the funeral, listening in on phone calls. There's an indictment hanging over his head. So many of the players are dead. His Uncle Junior is a ruin in a mental institute. That's a payoff for me. Even though they are sitting in the restaurant having a seemingly normal family dinner no matter how you look at it they are headed for disaster. There is no happy ending for them. David Chase did it right. It would have been boring to end it how I originally thought I wanted it. This way I had to think.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Books and the Internet

I have been tagged twice lately so I am going to take care of this right now.

First I was tagged by my girl Dizzy.
The Little-Known Favorites Meme. Rules: List and describe three of your favorite books that other people might not be familiar with. Then tag five people.

Okay I am a book-aholic. I love reading and I squirrel books away for the future. I also keep a log of sorts on the books I've read and how I liked them. I am not the kind of person who remembers everything I read so this is helpful. I will do my best to give you "little know favorites".

The first one is Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. It's the story of a 16yr old housemaid who is tried for the murder of her employer and his mistress. Very compelling and as usual it's all in HOW Margaret Atwood tells the story.

Next I will say Slammerkin. The author is Emma Donoghue. This is the story of Mary, a servant in the 1760's. She is born into a hard life and the want of a beautiful ribbon changes her life. Lots of good historical details. I loved this book.

The next one I read quite awhile ago but I think its pretty obscure. Life without Water by Nancy Peacock. This book is very short and is about a girl growing up in an abandoned farmhouse w/her hippie mom and dad. Plenty of characters, a volkswagon bus, and a glimpse into the past and an unconventional way of life. It has always stayed w/me.

Now tell me 3 little know favorites of yours please.

The second tag came by way of Ingrid and she asks "When did you start using the internet?" That is a hard question because it's seems so long ago. I do know that my first computer my sister got for me as her husband worked for IBM. It was a 386 or 486. I can't remember. I was pretty fearless on that thing and would figure out all kinds of stuff for myself which I still do. My husband on the other hand is just learning to use email but he uses it to tell people "call me". We have been trying to teach him since we had the 386 but he obviously doesn't want to learn.

So when did you start using the internet?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Okay, okay, I'm posting...

It was a beautiful Saturday. Sun shining and the yard really starting to strut its stuff. John's roses are coming out. Just everything coming to life. Again John and Johnny were away for a lax tournament. Johnny was playing in it this time. Last weekend they were away watching the NCAA men's lax tournament. Anyway it's very nice for me to have this alone time. I've been raising children for 23 years and moments of peace and quiet are few and far between. Oh but there was no peace and quiet for me because my OTHER new neighbors were blasting music so loud from 10-10. Bummer. I really love having my windows open and just enjoying the quiet. Okay. Whadda you gonna do? There was a really good breeze blowing so I was not closing the windows. Then they start burning trash and of course the smoke is blowing in my house. Idiots! You don't burn trash on a windy day esp. when there hasn't been any rain. When John called I told him about it and he called the owners of the property who rent it out. They agreed it was a no burn day (but seriously, who burns their trash?) and told us to call if there were any other problems. Whatever. I went in the studio.

That's a couple shots in one part of the yard. Now see the grill up against the house. Every year when we open it up there is a birds nest in it.

No matter how many times you remove it it will be rebuilt. Happens in the barn in cabinets we have. If you forget to close the cabinet doors they build a nest. Annoying. I am currently campaigning for barn doors to just keep them out all together. I mean, John is builder.

The rest of the weekend was rainy and gloomy.

Sorry I am not posting much but I've been busy.
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