Friday, August 31, 2007


It's not easy when you take a vacation minutes from home. Hard to disconnect. John was 10 minutes from work. Another 10 and he could go pick up the mail at home. Last year I ran home almost everyday. Not this year. I stayed put from beginning to end. It was beautiful there. Beautiful is the one word I am choosing to describe Assateague Island. I love the beach there. Uncrowded, quiet, and clean. One of the best sides of the camping trip was seeing my son totally unplugged from games, computers, and his phone. He still had his phone but he didn't really use it. Instead he surfed, skateboarded, went boogie boarding, rode bikes, made a fire, and ATE, ATE, ATE.

My friends and I had 4 camp sites. On the first day by the time we got in and set up it was happy hour. John had run into our friendly neighborhood fisherman earlier that day and met him and his boat at the docks for some fresh lobster. You might not spot it but there is also some excellent salmon on that grill. Food was not something we lacked on this trip.

Joe "The Starman", led us in our nightly moonrise viewings up on the dune. We enjoyed a full moon every night, we were there for the lunar eclipse ( I missed it as I couldn't get up), and I might add we enjoyed a NE wind that I was told was saving us from being eaten by mosquito's. Well a NE and Joe's garlic spray saved us from the mosquito's.

While the adults were hanging out looking at the sky etc. Johnny and his buddy Spencer grabbed the camera and took off to take pictures of themselves doing a little skateboarding. They got some great shots.

If you are wondering why Spencer is wearing socks...earlier in the evening I saw them take off w/Johnny on a bike with a rope attached and Spencer holding the rope while on a skateboard. Barefoot. I knew it looked like trouble but I was chillin' and let it go. They were back in minutes with some bloody toes. But they simply washed them and put 1200 band aides on and socks. Back in business.

Mornings were pretty quiet. Everybody did their own thing. My thing was to go sit on the beach by myself for a couple hours and enjoy the quiet and READ!!! It's hard to read once everyone gets to the beach.

So here's how it went. Our days looked like this:

Sometimes this:

Evenings like this:

(Tuna steaks that time.)

(Stargazing lectures w/Joe)

(Johnny was always making up s'mores or JiffyPop)

The ponies weren't around during the day but came every evening. The first night they stood right by our campground for hours. Next evening one actually ripped open our screen tent where the coolers were and ate some oreos before John ran him off. We tried to keep food in our car but there was a box on the picnic table that night w/food in it. The ponies can open coolers too we were told.

One evening at least 8 of them came in single file through our camp at a fast pace and went right over the dune and onto the beach. I tried to grab my camera and get a shot but this is all I got. You can barely see them.

Once again though Johnny to the rescue. On the way out of the campground he got a shot of a pony for his mom. He's quite the photographer.

Monday, August 27, 2007


This week my adorable niece and nephew were visiting. Oh and their parents too. They stayed on the ocean and we met them on the beach most days.

I even had them all to myself one day when their mother and father went golfing. Johnny was a huge help and a natural.

I have never seen two children who looked more like their parents. I don't think that any of my FOUR children resemble me.

I wore my IMPEACH shirt while I was on the beach. There were some fans and they let me know. One day I went to the grocery store (ugh) after the beach while wearing the shirt. A man was blocking my path and I said "Excuse me." He said, "Oh sorry I was reading your shirt. Something about peaches." Whatever.
(See Kitchen Window Woman I hang mine out too.)

So Sunday I stayed on the beach too long because I didn't want to leave those darling babies. I am going down the street to camp at Assateague for a couple days and I have alot of crap to pack up. Hate packing. Hate it. When I finally get there and everything is all set up and I'm eating lobsters and clams and enjoying the moonlight on the beach then it will be okay. Until then I'm a gonna be cranky getting all this crap together. Anyway I doubt you'll hear from me for the rest of the week.


Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm gonna let my Soulshine

I had a dream last night. I was walking down a road actually carry this big ass sack. I was having a hard time carrying it. (I know it's almost too literal.) I just was struggling to walk and carry the sack. I've been feeling exactly like that. This morning I came across the song which I haven't heard in a while. I felt better as soon as I heard it. Then I looked at some pictures of Michael as a kid and when he was last home. He's been in Iraq for over a year now. He'll be home for Christmas. I'm just gonna have to let my soulshine. And I'm putting on my Impeach shirt and heading for the beach. Press the youtube play button and then go look at the slide show if you care to. Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dickey Betts and Great Southern

What can I say? They totally rocked. I really enjoyed the show. I was right up front and in awe. Aside from some pushy chicks trying to edge me out (I held my ground) I enjoyed every minute. And I caught a guitar pick! Well John did. Dickey Betts threw it and John caught it. Then Andy Aledort looked right at me (I think so) and threw his pick and I missed it. The guy next to me picked it up and handed it to me (see he saw Andy meant to get it to me) but I couldn't be that selfish to take 2. I let him keep it. I was totally inspired by the show. Screw the kids and all the freaking lessons they get to take and then don't appreciate. I'm signing myself up for guitar lessons. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha......

Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby bunnies and Dickie Betts!

First let me just say I've discovered a different kind of spider and this one creeps me out just as much as the other. Possibly more as it is larger.

That is a very old soccer ball. Probably left over from the days of Michael. He was our soccer player. His High School team won the state championship when Michael was a senior. Ooops! Sidetracked. You can click on the picture to look closer if you want. Gross.

Yesterday I had to make a run to Salisbury. I hate the drive there for some reason it is so boring to me. Plus it was Sunday so I was caught in the traffic of everyone leaving the beach. My phone rings and it's Johnny. He says I am not going to believe what happened. Oh shit. I steele myself ready for the worst. He then tells me how he went to move his lacrosse goal and all these furry little things start taking off from under it. He wasn't sure what they were at first but soon discovered they were baby bunnies. They had a little nest dug in the ground in the V of his goal. One stayed in the hole and the rest went in different directions. When I got home he showed me one little baby hiding in a clump of flowers. That was the only one Johnny could find. I moved it back to it's hole with its sibling. I covered my hands so I wouldn't but my scent on it.

Earlier this summer I would see the mother every early evening hanging around the goal feeding on the grass. Smart place to put a nest as it is very close by the garden. I hope the mother finds the others. I googled it as I was concerned that the mother wouldn't come back and I found this:

If you just happened to stumble on a nest, you need to understand that nursing wild mother cottontails only feed their babies during the night and for a few minutes in the early morning hours. That is the only time you will see the mother at the nest. So you might falsely assume that the mother is neglecting her litter or that she has completely abandoned them when these babies are actually in no danger.

It rained all night and I was worried. (I can't freaking help myself!) This morning when I checked on them here is how the scene looked.

One bunny getting some air and one in the hole. Seems okay. I'll let nature take it's course. Meanwhile no using the goal.

Tonight I am going to see Dickie Betts! I am so excited. I'm a huge fan of the Allmand Brothers Band
of which Dickie Betts is a founder.

Friday, August 17, 2007

What happens when the crop comes in... Oh and Big FAT Spiders!

Yesterday I spent 5 hours! in the kitchen. I peeled pounds and pounds of tomatoes by dropping them in boiling water. Then started cooking up all my garden treats.
Two kinds of sauce that will go in the freezer:

Some stuffed tomatoes that Lisa saw in a cookbook and requested I make. I thought I'd surprise her. When she got home from work last night she had one and said "Why'd you put pine nuts in them?" Umm...that's what the recipe called for and you requested I make them. Her. "I hate pine nuts."

Finally Eggplant Parmigiana.

All those cherry tomatoes will go in salads or on kabobs with the green peppers. I know there is a whole other load of tomatoes out in that garden and I just can't look at them right now. All my recipes came from the Silver Palate Cookbook and everything (IMO) was delicious. I had the latest issue of Bon Appetit because it said on the cover: Summer's Last Stand, Quick and easy recipes for all that great produce. I'll check that out next round. But look at those mini meatball sandwiches on the cover.

So here's the spider part. When the kids were still very young I suggested (you men would probably call it nagging) to John that he build a one of those wooden swingset things that everyone seems to have. Seeing as he's a carpenter it shouldn't be a problem. He finally did it. It was magnificent. The best part was it had a clubhouse with and upstairs and downstairs. The kids were so excited.

They decide one night to sleep in it and I make a nice big cozy bed in it. They weren't out there long when they came in the house. It seems they were all nestled in the bed when a BIG, FAT spider dropped right over there heads and began making a web. We discovered that night that they were everywhere! They come out of nowhere every August and September at dusk and start weaving these webs.

These pictures just don't do justice. These suckers are fat and BIG! Way bigger than I want my spiders. They have simply ruined sitting outside on August evening. I am always afraid they will get me. Ignorant I know. I don't like feeling animosity towards nature and I know fear is just ignorance but I can't overcome the feelings these big, fat spiders give me. Just taking those pictures was traumatic. And those two spiders were doing their work right in the doorways (there were 3 total just in that one location) of the ivy covered house. Forget about sitting in there in the evening. Who could relax. I shudder just thinking about them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. May it be spiderless.
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