Friday, November 30, 2007

Time to switch to your winter drink!

I didn't know. Then I was browsing the WaPo to avoid mosaic and I read THIS. The article by Jason Wilson about Stocking Staples for a Winter Bar told the following story:

One cold autumn afternoon, back when I was young and clueless, a successful friend of the family took me out for a drink. The reason is lost to me now, but surely it involved some pointed career advice that I never followed. Anyway, this older gentleman -- who in my hazy memory wore a brimmed hat and a flower tucked into his lapel and carried a pocket watch -- took me to a hotel bar. As we sat, he announced to the bartender with a wink: "Jimmy, as of today, I'm putting you on official notice. I've switched to my winter drink."

Without a word, the bartender promptly mixed and served him a Stinger on the rocks. The gentleman laid a crisp $100 bill on the bar and told me to order, so I asked for a vodka and tonic, hoping to seem sophisticated. The gentleman appraised me, my slovenly attire and my vodka and tonic, and gruffly declared: "That's a summer drink." Then he told the bartender he'd better make another Stinger.

The implication was clear: What sort of adult doesn't know when to switch from a summer drink to a winter drink? Or worse: What sort of soft generation was this that needed to be told how to drink at all?

The upshot of all of this is I need to FIND a winter drink. I have no time to drink it but I do want to be prepared should I be lucky enough to find myself in a situation where someone is asking me what I would like to drink. Any suggestions? I don't like anything too sweet or creamy.

One more thing. I ventured out of my mosaic cocoon last night at about 7:30 PM. I hadn't been out of my house in 6 days. I HAD to have some spice drops. Don't ask. I only like the Food lion brand so that's where I was headed. It was dark. To my utter shock and dismay road after road was lined with homes whose yards were lit up w/Christmas lights! The houses were decorated for Christmas AND I could see in through the windows the lit and decorated Christmas trees in the houses! What is going on? It's still November. My 2 doorsteps are still displaying pumpkins. What are the neighbors thinking of me? (P.S- Don't give a ___) I believe the country is losing it. Christmas is DECEMBER 25th people!

Yesterday Cream asked me about my grout selection. He also does mosaics. I have mixed acrylic paint into grout before but really I'm always able to find the color I need in the tile stores around here. Here is a picture of the color I picked Cream. If all goes as planned I should be grouting on Sunday. We'll see. I am slowing down. A deep corner that had to reach into for a couple hours yesterday pinched something and I am experiencing a little discomfort. But hey, that's what Motrin is for. I'll be fine. Back splashes are NOT my favorite thing to do. You have so many obstacles. You know those damn counter tops really get in your way.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Back wall done

That was a killer wall. 5 1/2 days! Now I just go down the little (I say that now) sides. It doesn't seem like much but that's what I say everyday when I determine how much I will complete.

Heard from Michael (finally) and he will now arrive on the 5th. Waiting...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today's Horoscope

My horoscope for today: New thoughts create a desire to do something different at work, but circumstances may prevent you from following through.

I'll say this, I'd rather clean my refrigerator today than mosaic.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saturday deadline?

This is what it looked like around here yesterday. Actually this is what its looked like since Friday afternoon. I haven't made dinner since a big pot of minestrone before Thanksgiving. I rather enjoy the freedom of not having to make dinner. I had announced I wouldn't be worrying about this at the get-go of the project. In fact yesterday I asked John what was for dinner when he called. That felt good. That is what he asks me everyday. It is the #1 most annoying question you can ask me.

In 3 1/2 days this is as far as I've gotten. That's working steadily 8-12 hours. Yesterday was particularly fun because I stood on that counter all day. The slope of the ceiling caused me to have to bend my head most of the time and my elbow kept hitting that other thing on my right. Grrrr. Anyway the hard part (so I think) is over. I WILL be done by Saturday. (John is not betting on it.) It looks small with me standing there but it looks big when I stand on the ground and calculate how much more time it will take. It FEELS big to the blister forming right below my thumb from the tile nippers.

Monday, November 26, 2007

DUI Stop

Got this in the email today and had to share.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's slow going...

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Here's just a peek. Remember, everything is dusty and gritty and UNFINISHED. Don't judge me yet!

I went out to the studio to look for a bead or something to use on my peacocks crown and I came across my mothers Steuben Aurene bud vase that had been busted into more than a few pieces. She found it years ago in ranch that they bought in the Black Forest of Colorado. She gave me all the pieces in a baggie some time ago thinking I could use it in a mosaic. Guess what? It's the perfect shade of peacock. It just presented itself to me. I had completely forgotten I had it.

Mosaic Madness!

Hi there. Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. We went to my in-laws. I had been consumed w/the mosaic project and suddenly realize it was almost Thanksgiving. I had to clean up my mess in the kitchen and start making pies for Thanksgiving. I made a Bette Noir (Black Beast) which is a flourless chocolate cake and it is killer! Also a pumpkin, apple and lemon merangue pie. While I was baking a Fedex guy came to the door w/a delivery and said "Like your shirt." I had forgotten I was wearing it but I like it too. I had Johnny take a pic.

Had I known there was going to be so much political discussion at the Thanksgiving Day table I might have worn it. I was thinking of the rule no religion or politics at the table when I dressed that morning. I was ambushed. I did my best. It was all in good fun and actually I enjoyed MOST of the conversation.

ON to the mosaic. I am finally and actually putting the pieces of tile on the wall. After MONTHS of planning and drawing the design on the wall only to wash it off and start again, and redo's on the tile glazing! It was a relief to get started until I looked around at HOW MUCH I have to do. Christmas is coming. Great time to be doing this. But I am determined. Here are a few pictures for you.

Here is the space behind my stove.

Remember this design is inspired by Klimts Tree of Life.

Okay it's actually copied for the most part but the peacock is all me. The scary part is that it goes all the way to the ceiling and that the swirls are very time consuming to mosaic. Now I am wondering how long it is going to take. I have packed my Ipod w/podcasts from the Satellite Sisters and Learning Out Loud. The SS will give me some laughs and make me feel like my own sisters are there providing thier support and other than that I should be speaking Italian fluently and be quite knowledgeable in world history by the time I am done. Holy Moley! (Maybe I should call my 4 sisters to come lend a hand.)

This is the section to the right of the stove and then there is a whole section to the left that I didn't even photograph. I will update at the end of the day to show you what I've finished. I worked on it from the time we got home yesterday until 10:30 last night. Didn't make much headway.

I haven't heard from Michael since he called from Kuwait. No trace of him online since the 18th. Hoping everything is fine but can't help but worry. Still I am WAY lower on the worry scale than I have been for the past 15 months.

That's the update. If I sit here any longer it will be clear that I am procrastinating so off I go!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Because it's been a while...

I've been tagged. It's been a while since tag-a-mania and this ones nice and easy. Keith of Easybreathingfella (don't miss his posts entitled, Past, Present, Future)has tagged me.

Two names you go by (besides your given names)?

1. Mom
2. That's all I got. No one calls me anything but Mary or Mom.

Two things you are wearing right now?

1. An old wool sweater with moth holes in it. (No shit.)
2. Uggs

Two longest car rides ?

1. The eastern shore of Maryland to Oklahoma for Michael's boot camp graduation. How could we not attend? LONGEST car ride of all time. I listened to Napoleon Dynamite over and over and over as the kids watched it. It is a funny movie thank God. If not for that movie, which had us all silly, we might have killed each other.

2. The 30 minute ride to the hospital to have my youngest with the other 3 children in the car too.

Two of your favorite things to do:

1. Hang with my family
2. NYC w/John

Two things you want very badly at the moment:

1. No war.
2. Michael in my house.

Three animals you have or have had:

1. Blue, my cat a controller of all things mouse-like.
2. Lucky a mutt that was dropped off in a nearby field as a puppy.
3. Dodger a crazy-ass cockier spaniel.

Three thing you ate today:

1. Chicken
2. Salad
3. Sugar-free jello. Dulls-ville.

Two things you are doing tomorrow:

1. Mosaic-ing
2. Getting my hair did. Roots dontcha know.

Two favorite holidays:

1. Any that have all the family HOME!
2. Sanibel Island

Two favorite beverages:

1 Cosmo
2. Nice hot cup of tea on a cold day.

I won't tag any of you BUT please feel free to answer these yourself. I'd love to know.

He's out!

Michael is out of Iraq! I couldn't be more greatful. His call woke me up yesterday morning. He's in Kuwait and will headed to Germany probably today or tomorrow. Who's a happy Mommy? I AM!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

What up?

I'm still working on the damn peacock feathers. 3rd times the charm right? I'm going for perfection. I opened the kiln this A.M on my redo of the 1st set and they are okay just not what I was shooting for. I will just completely redo them. It's okay. It's why I haven't been around and things will continue on that way for a while I guess. I have listened to the last book of Harry Potter on tape while I did this last round which shows you the time it takes. I need another book on tape. I can do it.

NYC was great as always. We took the kids to a comedy club. Fun. Funny. I'm in too much of a rush here to load pics. I had lost 10 lbs. before I left and then gained a couple of those lbs back BUT I behaved again once I was home and its gone and then some.

College apps and all are still stressing me. Really it's the portfolio but she'll get it done. My oldest, Taylor who graduated college got a call back on a job she's really hoping for so lets send her good juju that she LANDS it. She wants it SOOOO bad.

Michael. Haven't heard from him in over a week. MICHAEL! I am almost positive he's not running missions any longer and should be out of Iraq in a couple days and headed for Germany. From there he will come HOME on Dec. 1st. NOT MUCH LONGER! And then it's party time!

What am I watching on TV? Well I watched the debates last nite. I have to get over to Politics Plus where I'm sure Tomcat has a great analysis. I haven't checked yet though. (Yes I checked. It's there and right on the money.)Other than that I only watch Dancing with the Stars. Sorry everyone but it is THE only show I make a point to watch. Oh and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Oh wait! How could I forget? Yesterday on Oprah I watched INSIDE THE LIVES OF HOARDERS. I lean towards being a neat freak. This would be the worst thing I could imagine. I totally cleaned out my dresser, my linen closet and the cabinets under 2 bathroom sinks WHILE I was watching it. Purge people! You will feel better. I love getting rid of STUFF. Part 2 is on today and I'm gonna try and watch it. Check out the link. You won't believe it.

That concludes my allotted blogging time. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Another great film


and check out the gallery here.

Thanks to my friend Su for bringing it to my attention. It is playing at the Rehobeth Film festival here but I am out of town dammit.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Teach the children well

Left of Centrist has posted a piece about some Chicago H.S. Students who face Expulsion Following an Antiwar Sit-In. HELP NEEDED.
Please go over and take a look. If we lose our right to speak out we've lost everything.

Monday, November 05, 2007

A beautiful story to enjoy.

I am busy firing my kiln today which I have filled w/many, many peacock feathers for my mosaic. I PRAY the colors come out as I want them to so I don't have to make all those feathers again. It's always so nervewracking. The glaze as you are applying it is not anywhere near the color it will be once it has been fired so it's like painting blind. I'm not even sure I will add a peacock or peacocks to the mosaic but I want to be prepared. Crazy isn't it.

I really have been meaning to draw your attention to another blogger. She has written AND illustrated a beautiful tale for children that is just so magical. The illustrations alone are unbelieveable. What a talent. Take a PEEK. When you get to the end of the page click on older posts to see all the pages.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Man From Plains

Directors Statement:

I have always held President Carter in high esteem, so I leapt at the opportunity to do a documentary portrait of him.

I chose the book tour of Palestine Peace Not Apartheid as the backbone of the
documentary before reading the book. I knew that with the kind of subject matter promised by the title, there would probably be a lot of fireworks on that journey.

I love how his un-self-censored behavior and attitudes help reveal how authentic and deep President Carter's faith-based motivation really is - and how terrifically complicated he is as a human being, with such an active sense of humor, an encyclopedic knowledge of a seeming endless array of subjects - and how supersensitive yet bold, feisty and obstinate he can be at times - and that he reveals how a devoted, adoring husband like him fits so organically with the fellow who "loves the ladies."

Every time I see this film, President Carter makes me believe that - as frightening and appalling as so many things are in the world today - that there is nevertheless a very real possibility for peace and better lives for future generations if we strive to somehow get along and if we aspire to defining the upside of being human.
- Jonathan Demme

Here is the film (directed by Jonathan Demme) webpage. Soundtrack sounds really cool.
Check HERE to see if it's playing near you. I'm sure it won't be around me any time soon.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Kissing Booth

Who couldn't have guessed that this would be the chosen costume for my 14 y.o. I knew it as soon as I saw it that he would choose this one. I walked by it and didn't mention it. After lots of looking and touching he came to me with the kissing booth.
Johnny and his friends walked the streets w/the throngs of kids out in the OTHER neighborhoods. They didn't trick-or-treat. Just walked through the crowds in their costumes and hung out.

Lisa bought the gear for a flapper but I havent seen any pics yet and she got ready for her party at a friends. I just buy the stuff. Don't necessarily get to see it.

I did a little video and got it uploaded but when I go to add it it's not available. This video stuff is not coming easily to me. I've given up on the editing program for a while. I only have so much time.
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