Friday, March 28, 2008

20 years

Yesterday was my anniversary. John and I have been married 17 years but have lived together 20. No celebration really. Too hectic around here. Working, running Johnny around, Lisa... Somehow the night before I slept wrong and once again I have a pinched nerve or something and it's causing some major discomfort. I wish Lisa had better drugs because I'd take them. By the end of the day I just needed to sit quietly.

20 is quite a long time. It's hard to believe Taylor is 23, Michael is 22, Lisa is 18! and Johnny 14. Those were SOME kinda 20 years!

Anyway, here's to another 20. Really. And to everyone who didn't think we'd make it...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All's well

We are home! And better yet, we slept! Lisa had her surgery yesterday in D.C. We did not go up the night before and instead got up and drove in at 3AM. As you can imagine that was a pretty traffic-free drive and we ended up getting there almost an hour early. After the surgery (and some recovery time) we got back in the car and went home. I can't say Lisa is the best patient but maybe after she's had some sleep she'll feel better. She had a great team of doctors and nurses so it was worth the travel time for sure.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Lasagna '08

Here we go again. First there was Easter Lasagna 06,
then 07 and now the 2008 version. This year's version is called Le Marche Lasagne. I saw chef Fabio Trabocchi making on TV a while back. I made it then and said to my family I would never make it again. Time consuming. Yet here I am making it again. It is VERY good.

It has a different filling using white pork, simmered in Marsala, rosemary,thyme and much more. Rather than ricotta there is a Bechamel sauce and Parmigiano-Reggiano. And of course home-made lasagna noodles. I used my own recipe for those.

Needless to say the kitchen is a disaster when I finally finish. Thank goodness I made it up the day before.

Easter morning we all slept in. What a treat! John made breakfast for the kids when he got up.

I'm not a fan of breakfast so I worked on the computer. I had a badly needed new keyboard to install as well as an external hard drive AND some fire wire port or something. I'm not sure what it is but I know how to install it and what I want to use it for. I have been needing to do all that for months! Check.

It was a totally chill morning with a LOT of laying around (notice the pile of clean laundry right beside him)...

and munching on Easter candy.

John and I had a nice walk together and afterwords I cut some of the gorgeous daffodils in the yard and brought them in. Two big bunches. I am feeling Spring now. Whew!

Hope you are enjoying and relaxing today also!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Love

I LOVE Fran's post today. It's a must read IMO.
Check it out.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 Years Too Many

I almost forgot about this but it is too important. This war is wrong. Anyone who hasn't figured that out by now I don't believe can have their mind changed by anything I say. War is NOT the answer. I'm not sure it every is. Imagine how many lives this war has ruined. That should give you something to think about for the at least the entire day.


They are coming and going around here. Michael left and is now in Kansas and it looks like my oldest, Taylor will be moving home for a while. This past Saturday was Michael's last night at home and he asked us to meet him out with his friends at a bar. The problem with that is they don't get going in the bars until 9PM at the earliest which is about the time John and I want to go to bed. We were planning on leaving the house at 5:30 AM the next morning to move Taylor home.(Long story) We hung out at the bar with Michael until maybe 11:30 and then had to call it quits. It's always fun to hang out with them and I am going to miss him but I am so glad he is right in Kansas. Compared to Iraq it feels like next door.

So Sunday morning we are on the road bright and early. Killer. I followed John in Taylors car as it had just come out of repair. The plan was to get her stuff and she would follow us back later that day. She was way out in Middletown way north of here. I was so tired. It was nice to see some hills and mountains once we got there as it is SO entirely flat here.

We loaded her up and tried to comfort her. (Bad break-up. Hard to watch.) Thankfully I was a passenger on the way back a was able to get a few winks in. Nearly impossible to sleep in a pick-up.

Next morning bright and early had to hit the road again as Lisa had a doctors appointment in Washington. Her birthday was the following day so I planned to take her shopping while we were there. After the appointment she let me know she was hoping for my enchiladas and a raspberry lemon cake for her birthday dinner the next night. Right. Can you say exhausted? It's a 3 hour drive to Washington and the last 20 minutes of the ride home I could not do. I gave the wheel to the now 18 year old. Once again though, how much sleep do you think you get with and 18 year old at the wheel?

Next day I groceried, and cooked all day. Joy.

Today I just want to catch up in the office and studio. What an absolutely boring post this is. But that's what I've been doing. Going, going, going. I feel pressed for time lately so not much time to be on the blogs. Miss everyone.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Running from the studio to the house the other (100mph windy, rainy, crappy-ass) day I discovered a box wedged between the storm door and the door. Why, it's my fruit-of-the-month! My "box of joy"! (I'm stealing this term from my son. When I take him to the grocery store so he can get JUNK food he calls it the cart the "cart of joy". "Would you like to add something to the cart of joy Mother?" he will say.) Anyway this month it is PLUMS. Yummy. They are already GONE! Got them on Friday. It really is a decadant gift Carla. THANK YOU.

Meanwhile, in the studio, I had the girls start on 2 different mirrors. I realized they needed more colors so I had them glaze tiles. It wasn't enough to fill the kiln so the next day as they were "OFF" I went out and glazed more. It was heaven to be out there. Then I couldn't help myself and I started working on the mirrors. I had to stop so there would be something for them to do today. I have to start thinking of the next project. I can think of plenty for me to do but I am having trouble giving jobs to them. I wanna do it. Were is a huge installation job when you have the help?

Friday, March 07, 2008

No accounting...

"There's just no accounting for happiness,
or the way it turns up like a prodigal
who comes back to the dust at your feet"
-- Jane Kenyon

There you have it! No accounting. Comes and goes. I'm feeling more like myself. OR I'm forcing myself to. I've been very busy this week. I have 2 helpers in the studio currently. My daughter Lisa and her friend. They both need a job for a school program. It's hard to get a job around here this time of year so I took them in. It's a pain because I have to create work for them BUT that is good because I'm in the studio making stuff and that always makes me happy. We are working on 2 mirrors and finishing up a dry sink that's been on the back burner for-everrrrrr.

I also have made up some pillows this week for a good friend. I really dislike this kind of thing and seem to curse alot when I do it but the end result is passable. I still need to get some more filling for the last two.

My children are up to their normal routine of keeping my head spinning. Lisa has now been accepted at SVA in NYC which is very exciting. Now I just need to hear from those scholarships!!!!!

Oh yeah! I found myself behind this vehicle the other day which made me feel I was not so all alone. ( You may have to click on it to see what the sticker says.)

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