Thursday, May 29, 2008

Houston...we have a GRADUATE!

One of my friends who also had a child graduating said "I have never seen Lisa so animated. She is ready for New York City." It was such a true statement. She is usually so hard to read. Then again who among us was not overjoyed to be out of High School.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I don't know why I don't live somewhere were the weather is warm all year. I feel so energized.

I do a little gardening everyday. My flowerpots are all filled.

John's rose garden is AT it!

My garden in the back field is filled with new plants and we planted some new trees back there. It's a great view from the studio.

Speaking of the studio Lisa and I are working on a mailbox. I am really liking how it's turning out.

Here's how the other side will go.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I made tiles for a clients pool room back splash. She already had hand rolled field tiles in white so I was to make hand rolled accent tiles w/bathing suits on them. I made extra as you never know quite what to expect when you open a kiln. Also when you are using under glazes and glazes the color you see isn't the color it will be so you are sort of painting blind. At least color blind. She ended up taking them all. She loved them. Made my day.

Last night we attended scholarship awards where Lisa received a local Fine Arts Scholarship. We are VERY thankful for that. Somewhere around $600,000 in scholarships were awarded during the evening with at least half of that going to one student. A handful of students were called up again and again. So what I learned during the course of the evening is to get scholarship money you need to be a super extraordinary athlete and/or do LOTS of community service as well as be strong academically. Oh right, and you MUST apply! One lady said she didn't have enough applicants to give away all the scholarships she wanted to. Children, children, children....apply,apply,apply!!!! Give your poor parents a break.

I have one left to go to college after Lisa.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes it's a meme...

and I don't like to participate but my blogging is SO weak lately so here we go. I was tagged by Betmo

One: What was I doing ten years ago?

I would have been in the thick of raising my family. Two teens, 12 and 13, and 8 year old and a 5 year old. Volunteering my ass off and on the verge of change OR a nervous breakdown. Thank goodness it was change that was just around the corner. Although come to think of it there were probably a couple mini breakdowns.

Two: Five things on today's to-do list.

Workout. (Done)

Shower and wash hair for awards night. (Done. Only realized later the awards are tomorrow so I didn't actually have to wash my hair today. dammit.)

Deliver tiles. (Done. She loved them!)

Pick up a few more plants. (Done)

Find someone to pick up pizza for dinner. (Still looking)

Three: Things I'd do if I were a Billionaire.

Pay for all the kids to go to school.

Move my house by the water and add a huge screened porch.

Buy a place in the city.

(Can I please have one more?)
Take Carla on a bad-ass dream vacation for her 40th!

Four: Three bad habits?

Curse like a sailor. (Not proud. Trying to quit but it's harder than quitting smoking.)

Sugar. (also trying to quit this)

Sun worshipper. Not trying to quit.

Five places I have lived

This is embarrassing...
Denver for like a minute 'cause I was born there.
Bowie Maryland
Gaithersburg Maryland
Ocean City Maryland
Bishopville Maryland
Ugh! That is so boring!!!!!

Five Jobs

Gift Wrapper
Store Manager
Potters Asst.
Office Manager
Stellar list, I know.

I am tagging (oh yes I am)
Just Me

Thursday, May 15, 2008

NO Warp-age!

Can I just say my first attempt at making hand rolled tiles on my own came out perfectly. Barely a trace of warp-age! I'm pretty proud. AND I have signed up for the summer class of ceramics 101. I want to know what I don't know as I have never been formally trained. Scary. M-F for 4 weeks! It's been a loooong time since I've been committed outside the home M-F. My family is being very supportive EXCEPT for young Johnny who is worried he won't be able to catch a ride to the beach to surf which is the main capacity I hold for him during the summer. When I told him I would drop him off before class and pick him up after or someone else would he quit whining. He doesn't seem convinced. Due to the cost of the class I am kind of 2nd guessing myself too. My supporters keep pushing me forward. They're great.

Here is Johnny and Lisa showing the love at the awards dinner the other night. Rare.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thanks for being great.!

I had a really nice Mother's Day and I hope all you other mothers did too. I LOVE getting cards from my children especially when they make them themselves. Store bought cards don't do much for me. Taylor made a very nice card this year. I have saved all the cards the kids have made over the years.

On Friday I received some lovely flowers from Michael and a card that said "Thanks for being GREAT!" I was beaming. I love being called "GREAT" by my children. I know people don't like Mothers Day and think it's commercial and all that but I look forward to the one day a year when my children focus in on me and do things like call me "Great".

The kids presented me with a pot of herbs I use often in the kitchen. I can keep it on the front steps so I don't have to walk all the way to the garden when I'm rushing. They also gave me some garden decorations. Unfortunately I haven't been able to put them out there yet because it was so windy and cloudy on Sunday afternoon and then that night the winds picked up and it rained and blew all through Monday. Many people were without electricity. I lucked out some how but school was canceled as they lost power. Lots of flooding not only here on the coast but across the state. Today the sun is shining but my yard is littered with natures pruning. I made out pretty good considering.

Remember those pretty iris the other day?

John's always afraid this big elbow branch is going to come off the pecan tree. I don't think that big thing is going anywhere.

Two big sections of my neighbors ugly-ass stockade fence are in the field out back and two trees that Johnny just planted for me blew over. I told him this morning that his two trees blew over and he said "You mean your two trees." Mothers Day is so fleeting.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Ode Magazine directed me to this clip and filmaker Nic Askew's Soulbiographies. Pretty cool.

"Filmmaker Nic Askew treats his audience with beautiful short films & stories about Life & the Human Spirt. Soulbiographies, he calls them. One of the movies that touched me deeply was an interview with old men and women in Guatemala. Nic wanted to capture the soul of Guatemala but during the interview he couldn't understand the local language that the old people spoke. He tried hard to listen to their words. And then he gave up. He started to listen to their voice, he looked in their eyes and face and watched their gestures. He immediately understood what they were saying. He discovered that his attempts to understand their words kept him away from being open with his heart directly to theirs."

HERE is a link to some of Nic's films. Watch at your leisure. They are all interesting.

What's blooming?

Thanks to my forgetfullness I am delightfully surprised every year by what pops out of the ground around here . I had to share these striking Iris'. I spent a lot of time looking at them yesterday.

Lily of the Valley are blooming too. They spread like weeds which I love and smell so good.

Meanwhile the birds around here are officially, really officially, out of my favor. I am really trying not dislike them as they have just as much right as I to live here BUT they are everywhere. Under car hoods. Completely overtaking the barn causing everything to be cover in bird doo and most unfortunately they have gone in an open cut-out that was meant for an outside light fixture. This causes a certain unpleasant odor to emit from an inside opening in my studio that is meant for a switch for the outdoor light. Yes. My husband is a builder. He isn't lazy. He works 24-7... in someone else's home. I'm thinking duct tape. If I do something half-assed that's how I get his attention as he is also a perfectionist.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

This and That

This is the little weather forecaster on my wall. Yesterday this dude was wearing his swimming trunks! That's what I'm talking about! The weather is gorgeous again today and I don't see a cloud in sight so I don't know why he's got his umbrella.

Everything is getting green, green, green. I can't tell you how much I needed this. This is one dull brown, flat place in the winter.

Finally took a picture of the other mirror. I love the color combination here though I'm not sure how many people it will appeal to also. We'll see. I've got to get a web page made for my work. Next thing on this list.

We have been making hand rolled tiles this week in the studio for a job. I had some leftover clay scraps and told the girls to make some fun shapes we could use in future mosaics. I came back a couple hours later and I was so pleased! They came up with some nice stuff.

Enjoy your weekend. I'm going outside and working in the yard. Very happily I might add.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I saw this at Betmo's and had to pass it on.

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