Friday, June 27, 2008

I surface...

So my last class of that FAST and INTENSE session was yesterday. I loved the class and learned so much. I struggled through writing my first paper since-I-don't-know-when but I received an A+ thankyouverymuch! I am hooked! I will continue in the fall part time for now. Meanwhile I will look forward to enjoying the too brief summer. I also have to get Lisa ready for her send off to NYC. Everything has backed up on me around here. I haven't been in my garden for a month!!!!

Here is some of the work I did in class.

I love the glaze on this bowl and box.

None of these pieces were made with the benefit of a wheel.

This is my first attempt at horsehair reduction.

Disappointing glaze. I will re-glaze and refire this one.

Raku mask.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Forgiveness and Mark Twain

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heal that has crushed it."
-- Mark Twain

I love this quote. I love Mark Twain. What an interesting man. Doesn't something by Mark Twain sound like an excellent summer read. Which one should I choose? What is your favorite?

Two more weeks of class and then I can enjoy the beach and a good book while it's still summer. My favorite things.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

2nd week

I'm tired man. Good tired. I-am-having-so-much-fun. Yesterday we did a Raku firing. Yes, I took pictures. I'm gonna try and post them but I am telling you I am tired so if I pass out in the middle of doing this...well then I'll get back to you. If I didn't have Johnny still in school I would become a full time student. I am contemplating part-time.

So like I said I'm tired. So HERE is an explanation of what Raku is if'n you don't know.
Basically you take your piece of pottery out of a super hot kiln (somewhere around 1800 degrees) and put it in a trash can full of newspaper or sawdust which ignites when the pottery hits it and this reduction process cause all kinds of unpredictable surprises. Big fun.

Hot kiln opened...

Pottery placed in newspaper filled can...

Fire, lid...

Wait about ten minutes and fish pot out of ashes. Dunk in water...


Here is that same leaf bowl when the kiln is opened before it goes in the flaming can.

For me it was exciting to see each and every piece come out. They were all so different.

That is just PART of one of my days in the last 2 weeks!

That Grad Party

Here are the pics from the party. The yard was beautiful but we shortly hit by some torrential rain and that sucked but we managed to have a good time.


Family and friends...

My seesters...

"Hey what's that in the sky?! Is that a funnel?"

(notice how dark it is outside that door)

Thanks to all my friends and family for coming and sharing the "LOVE".

Friday, June 06, 2008


I have not felt SO thankful for a Friday in a long time. I LOVE my class. I am learning so much. It is quite the hectic schedule though. My family has caught on and are making the dinner now 2 days in a row. I am SO ready for a little 2 day break.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I managed to get a parking pass AND find my class yesterday! My class is 2:30 to 7 M-F so I will have no time for blogging. I am so busy trying to cram my life in the rest of the free time. The first class was part mind-numbing and part exciting. I definitely learned a few things, felt a little overwhelmed, but I think I am really going to love it. One bad thing. I will be required to write a paper. Oh shit. I haven't written a paper since 1981. I have no clue. Luckily I have a fresh from college graduate in my home whose talents I will be tapping into.

Over the weekend we had a great grad party for Lisa. I will post, someday when I have time. Luckily there was a little leftover food because that's what my family will be eating for the next month. Ha!

See ya! Gotta get my assigned reading done.
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