Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is the kind of stuff that happens even when I'm not on Vicodin.

Got my stitches out yesterday but he said I'm still not healed and need to continue with the soft food.
Everyday I feel much better but I really can't eat regular food if I wanted and I do so I've tried and it don't work.
Yesterday before my appointment I walked out back to the garden and started weeding like a mad woman. I wasn't supposed to have been exerting myself after the surgery and in that short time the garden was out of control. I couldn't help myself. I figured I was getting the stitches out today so its okay to weed. I had been watching the tube before that and my glasses were on my head and kept falling off. I kept picking them up and putting them back on top of my head but I guess one time I just didn't notice.

So I go to appointment come home. I had made a few stops on the way home and gathered everything up but as I was getting out of the car I dropped my cell phone. I will come back and get that I said to myself.

I put things away and start picking up after others etc. and decide I need to sit down a minute and relax after the traumatic stitch removal experience but I need my glasses to see the images on the TV. Can't find them anywhere.

And where is my phone? I call my phone on the house phone and I don't hear it ringing. Maybe I left it in the car. I walk to the car and search the damn thing. No phone. I go back in and sit and think. Did I go to the laundry room? I walk out there and check. I do all this probably 3 times until FINALLY! I remember that I dropped it getting out of the car and I go outside and retrieve it. DUH.

Back to the glasses. I sit I think. Last time....da, da, da, da,...oh yeah! Garden! Go to the garden. Walk around and around and finally see them laying in the grass. Whew! Put them in my pocket with my cell phone.

Then I notice the huge mess of weeds I left flung everywhere and decide I must put them all in one tidy pile. I collect them all in a few minutes and head inside. I'm gonna fold some laundry now and watch a little TV. I deserve it.

Laundry basket. Check. Cell phone. Check. Glasses....Where the hell are my glasses? I know I put them in the pocket w/the phone. I have the phone. Where are the glasses? I trudge back out to the garden. They must have fell out of my pocket while collecting weeds. Shit. I go through the weed pile. Twice. I call my son out. He goes through the weed pile. We walk around and around. Back and forth from the garden to the house and see nothing. Son gives up. I retrace my steps over and over. Go back in the house and go through the laundry basket. You never know. I go through the weed pile AGAIN. Ahhhhhhhhh! Just when I'm figuring on spending the following day buying new glasses and having them permanently attached to my head or at the very least getting one of those straps my brother had as a kid to keep his glasses on....I spot them. Jeeeeezus, Mary and Josephhhhhh! Icannottakeitanymore!!!!!!!

I swear to you I only take the vicodin at night so either there is just too much floating around in my system or I need some damn solid food or both. The bottom line is you shouldn't keep the stuff around because after an episode like that all you can think is....I need a vicodin.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hey! Hey!

Haven't had much time for blogging this summer. Trying real hard to stay focused and keep myself on task this summer. That means no getting lost in cyberspace! Today however I find myself w/a little time on my hands. I went in on Thursday to have a 2 year old root canal checked out that was bothering me and next thing you know I'm having my gum sliced open, bone drilled into and infection cleaned out. I'm not supposed to exert myself. I'm on a liquid diet, not supposed to talk and worst of all I had to cold turkey give up coffee. Actually giving up coffee isn't so hard the first couple days given the benefit of Vicodin. Here's my advice: Go in as soon as the tooth is bothering you. Don't wait, oh say....a YEAR! On the upside I've lost a couple LB's already! On the downside...well let's face it, all this is a bummer but on Wednesday I'm supposed to go see Willie Nelson so I'm just trying to follow doctors orders for a change and get there.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

In their boots
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