Friday, August 22, 2008


I am back from moving my daughter to college. That was really, really, exhausting and hard. John and I totally over-compensating with making sure she has everything. Turns out its hard to leave your kid in NYC. Not for her. For us. She has most definitely got everything she needs thanks to several hundred shopping trips every time we thought she didn't have something she MIGHT need.

John gave and endless narrative of supposedly helpful tips. Last minute parental guidance. 2 1/2 days of it until Lisa and I thought we might just run away screaming and pulling our hair out! He went over and over and over the grid which is NYC. In our final moment with Lisa he was staring at floor and said "I was just noticing the grid of the tiles. If you get me some tape I can teach all you girls the grid of NYC." Lisa and I shared our final (doubtful) look of utter frustration with this man. I KNEW she would be fine. He couldn't wait to get home just so he would have an excuse to call her and say "I'm home." I guess he'd imagined her sitting in her dorm room doing nothing. Not the case. She was on the ferry back from the Statue of Liberty. She had taken the subway (alone), met some friends and went sight seeing. Sweet. I knew she would be fine. What would you be doing at 18 in NYC? And who didn't know it all at that age. We figured things out. She will too. Poor John. Lisa even mentioned the word "stalker" to him. I am pretty sure he will be a very frequent visitor to NYC. Maybe I should say POOR LISA.

On the home front...before we left I asked my 15 year old to make a list of anything special he might want from the grocery store while we were away. He was going to be staying home with his 24 year old sister. Here is the list the smart ass gave me:

Lots of nutritional value there among other things. Besides the fact that there isn't one square of toilet paper anywhere in this house everything seems to be intact. No evidence of a party. Which is really, all I ask.

Here's your full shot Hayden...

Not exactly a fish Hayden. I wanted to get the feel of leaves floating in a stream. I love this bathroom when its clean and tidy AND the tp is on the holder.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things I Have Failed to Teach My Children

File this under failures. Complete and utter. Wow. No matter how many times I have said it, pointed it out, begged, pleaded and yes, screamed, yelled and stomped my feet, I HAVE NOT been capable of teaching my children to put the new roll of toilet paper ON the holder. ON IT.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

She's Ready

This past weekend we drove up to NYC. Lisa MOVES there next weekend but John wanted to go up and walk her around her new neighborhood and show her where things were etc. She has a friend who moved up a month ago and she was with us. Her friend has already figured out the subway and is doing fine. I am so happy that Lisa has someone there though I am sure she will make many other friends.

Saturday was beautiful and as we walked around Lisa had it all figured out very quickly. We wandered through Grammercy Park, the Village, SOHO etc and just enjoyed the day. So much to look at and do. We had a celebrity sighting. I was right next to Dianne Weist
as she went into a store. I waited until we were down the street a little and then told the girls because I was wracking my brain for her name. All I could think of was the lady who was in the Woody Allen film Hannah and Her Sisters and if you can believe this- they weren't even born yet. Of course she's been in PLENTY of other films, plays and TV show and is a talented actress. She won best supporting actress in fact in 2 Woody Allen films. Anyway when I told them they wanted to go back and look at her. I said please just don't embarrass me. They were very cool when she came out of the store just as we got there and then walked right behind us down the street. We stopped at a vendor and she did too. So they got a good look and knew exactly who she was. They were very excited to have had a celebrity sighting.

We enjoyed a great lunch at a sidewalk cafe.

John and I listened to Lisa and her friend plan their new life in the big city. They are going to do it all. It's really going to be a great time in their life. They really are going to be fine. Lucky girls.

As much as I love the city I have NO sense of direction. It takes me forever to understand the lay of the land. Years. I really depend on John when I'm there. I get turned around very easily. When it was time to leave the city Lisa volunteered to drive! Talk about white knuckles. She got us right out of there though. Did fine. I really have no worries.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How the US news media fails us

It's not like most of you reading this didn't know this but it is really good to see someone speaking out. It needs LOTS of attention. Take the 9 minutes sometime today and watch this.
Thank you to my friend Susun for sending this to me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shine a Light

This is definitely the most fun I have ever had watching a video. I can't recommend Shine A Light more highly.

and this number just blew me away. Buddy Guy...I have no words.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just remember, I WARNED you!

If you are, say feeling a little sorry for yourself, or perhaps you feel you deserve a reward,maybe you ran 5 miles,...DON'T, I repeat, DON'T try this ice cream (especially w/fresh raspberries on it). It will render you UNABLE to put a spoon down and quit while you are ahead. DON'T DO IT!

Monday, August 04, 2008

A+ weekend

My youngest sibling is turning 40. Wonder how that makes a mother feel? I'm not going to ask mine.
Carla and her HUSBAND Scott came for a visit. My brother lives in Dewey Beach and I'm a short distance away. I got to hang on the beach with them for a little while on Saturday and then we went out for a birthday dinner. I mentioned how un-photogenic I am to my brother-in-law so he took pictures of me all night just to prove my point. Carla, always the show girl, poses next to or behind me and looks great in every single shot. Especially the one where she's ACTING like she has cleavage. Oscar winning performance. Meanwhile I am weary of looking like an old hag. But that's what you get for hanging out on the beach for 20 years. I can't imagine a life with no beach.

There are hundreds more but you get the point. She's always cute. Here she is with Scott and my brother Joe.

Here is the photo that made me laugh out loud the second I saw it. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Someone has bad-ass manners. Did he really think he had a chance when I wasn't looking and went for it? I know he didn't think he was in the picture frame. So busted.

We went back to Joe's for cake after dinner. It was a great time and I wish Carla and Scott would visit us more often.

Then came Sunday. What a perfect specimen of a day. John tries to spend Sunday with me and go to the beach. I usually get a half day out of him but this Sunday he spent the whole day with me on the beach. The water was great, the sun was shining....

Friday, August 01, 2008

Turtle Power

I like turtles. I think they are cool. This story in WAPO today caught my eye. I felt sorry for the turtle with the radio transmitter on his back. But wait. It gets worse. Be sure to read the comments. They are the best part.

For those of you who are time challenged basically the article is about a turtle who was unfortunate enough to have a "scientist" strap a radio to his/her shell to track the goings ons of a turtle through Rock Creek Park which you know is VERY IMPORTANT information to have. Every once in a while the "scientist" goes to visit the turtle which was the case on this particular day. Wouldn't you know the turtle is hanging in a patch of 10 marijuana plants. The 46 year old scientist has "seen" marijuana plant pictures so he calls the cops. The cops monitor the plants and who do they catch but some 19 year old. Duh. They then arrest him for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. They said the 1 1/2lb. of weed had a street value of $6500.

The comments are great but my favorite is:

This is ridiculous. Did you actually look at those crappy little plants? Pound and a half indeed! Those plants might have produced an ounce and a half if the deer (or turtles) didn't eat them first. Intent to distribute? Let's consider economies of scale. If someone were looking to distribute, they'd be planting a lot more than 10 plants, and certainly not out in the open for all to see. BTW, are they all female? Only fems produce buds anyway. Hope this kid gets a lawyer that knows a little somethin' somethin' about this stuff. These charges are complete and total B.S.

This is a sad, SAD story that they're going after a kid for trying to grow some schwaggy weed he's trying to grow with low-grade seeds found in the bottom of a bag of Brown Frown Brick Weed - the same crap that grows in ditches in the midwest.

Priorities people - priorities. The only other thing I can say is that it's good the kid wasn't a black rapper, and not an aspriring "alt rocker" otherwise they'd be getting him with conspiracy and asking for the names of all his gang members.

Utterly absurd. What a waste. With all the gang-related shootings in the Gaithersburg area lately, THIS is where MC Police decides to spend their time...

As a taxpayer and law-abiding citizen caught in the crossfire of the shootings mentioned above, I'm outraged that MC Cops are more focused on going after this kid than preventing murder. So stupid.
8/1/2008 10:03:23 AM

Followed by this one:

Hurray! The Federal Government found marijuana. Too bad they can't find Osama though.

They can with Turtle No.72 on the case. Hero in a half-shell...TURTLE POWER!
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