Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obama, Bowls, and Vampires

Yes I am pleased Obama won. I DO feel hopeful. What more can I say. For me it's hard to trust a politician. I don't fall for much. I prefer to wait for actions, which as we know speak louder than words.

My bowls are done. Good results and not so good but all a learning experience. I am not kidding when I say I am consumed.

The greenish bowl and the purple bowls are the exact same glaze! You can't count on anything with glazes.

The dark blue glaze did some crawling which I'm told is a result of putting this particular glaze with another. You really have to learn by doing w/the glazes. It's frustrating when you manage to get through all the other steps of the process and then mess it up w/the glaze. Learning! Learning! I have to keep telling myself.

I do like this purple glaze though. I haven't yet been disappointed w/the results which do vary but always look good. Of course it makes me want to glaze everything purple.

On to vampires. I started listening to the Twilight series of books on tape while commuting to school. Um...I love it. It's geared towards teens I believe but whatever. Think what you like. Somewhere along my travels I read that the new HBO series True Blood was kinda sorta inspired by the Twilight books as well as some other series of vampire books. So...last night with John and Johnny away for a lax tournament I got the remote to myself and was perusing the HBO series on demand menu and saw True Blood on the list. Three episodes later I was trying not to be afraid of being in the house all alone and trying, trying to sleep. I'm a smart girl aren't I? I love the show though. Love it. So it's nothing but pottery and vampires for me. Odd.
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