Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have a Joyous New Year!

I wish everyone FUN and FREEDOM and PEACE in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

r^2-5r+6/r^2-4 or Algebra hurts my brain.

This Christmas was kind of a blur. I was sick before Christmas (when I had to go in for a final at the university and then take a placement test at the community college)and I have once again caught this bug. WTF? I managed to stay on my feet through the first bout but I've been 2 days in bed this last round.

I didn't realize the placement test included Math. I only heard the words English and waltzed right in to take it with confidence. When the gate-keeper asked me if I wanted a Scientific or regular calculator I knew I was in trouble. When I didn't answer right away she said "You want a regular." I had a moment during the test when I looked at the problem on the screen and couldn't think of what I could possibly press on that calculator to get an answer and my paper and pencil were of no use either. I passed (with a 50) Pre-Algebra. I received a score of 19 in Algebra. So you don't think I'm a complete idiot my scores in reading and writing were 99 and 97. (Bronx cheer)

I found out I could take the math part again which I will as I have no desire to take Algebra for a 3rd time in my life (I took it twice in Jr. High)and I certainly don't want to PAY to take it. For the last 2 days I have been studying. Almost immediately I had the same reaction to Algebra that I did so many, many years ago which was to skip this class and head for the field behind the school or better yet the railroad tracks or "the tree". It's funny how it comes right back to you. Like riding a bike. My learning style... Ah but now I am a responsible adult with a goal of not taking an extra Math course just to reach the level of the Math I need to get my degree. For the last 2 days (while sick in bed) I have studied Algebra and I honestly have to tell you that my brain is more fried than it was back when I would have headed for the field. Sick or not I am going to have to head to the studio and give it a rest. I DO think I can pass the test though. Thank goodness for my very smart daughter Lisa. She taught me all the Algebra I currently and temporarily know as well as how to use the Scientific calculator (we didn't have those when I was in school). I won't retain this long so I better take that test soon.

Poor John had been sick on Christmas Day which was a bummer but it was nice to have all the kids home and we managed to get my mother down which was quite a feat. She hasn't been able to come for a holiday in a while.

Joe and Mom

Carla and Scott

Which reminds me... Carla has been working very long hard hours at her job. I have a great picture of her touching up Tony Blair for some interview. I hope I don't get in trouble for posting it. (Tell me if you want me to take it down Carla.)

Mom and Taylor

Me between illnesses and John trying to make an appearance on Christmas.

Today is my son Michael's 23rd birthday. He is in Atlantic City.

Happy New Year everyone! May it by some miracle be a Peaceful one.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Poor neglected blog...

I feel sorry for my little blog. Today I will give some attention. It's a work in the office day so I think I can make a little time for GET YOUR OWN. I have been busy getting alot of my own so I think that excuses my absence.

My semester is almost over. I have finished throwing and glazing at school. Just waiting for the last pieces to be fired. At home I made a whole mess of stuff and will glaze this weekend. Yeah! Can't wait. I haven't thrown anything for over a week and the rest was much needed.

We had a great Thanksgiving though it wore me out! Not as large a group as usual and that's okay.

It was great having Lisa home but it went by so quick.

Michael had a hard time finding a job (so much for supporting the troops). He applied everywhere and couldn't even get a job at Home Depot! He finally gave up and went to work for John. Nobody wants to work for their father but I think it's going better than it did when he was teen. At any rate after trying so hard to find a job w/no success he appreciates the job. John can definitely teach him some skills. I'm still hoping he'll decide to go to college.

So how is everyone?!!!
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