Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All but the grout...


After(but still ungrouted)

The floor of the waterfall has a little flounder hiding in the sand.

I can't wait to see it grouted because thats when it really comes together. Probably next week.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is not my favorite time of the year. It is always a struggle to keep my head above water in January merely because it is tax time and I am bookkeeper/accountant/tax preparer for the business (John's construction company). I don't like having things hanging over my head so I set a goal of the end of January to complete all this dull business. Otherwise knowing the deed must be done will eat at me the whole first quarter of the year. I'd rather be care free.

This year is taking the cake in its January misery as I have upped the ante and am now taking 3! classes. Scary. (My first 2 semester were one class only so I could see if my schedule would handle it.) One of the 3 classes is online and I am taking it from the local community college and the other 2 are at the University. I like my life complicated it seems. I think 3 SHOULD be doable w/the online class. I have been very busy jumping through both establishments hoops. Tomorrow is orientation for the online class. My university classes don't start until the following week.

Then there is this mosaic that keeps changing in dimension. I had hoped to be done by now but the real work is just getting rolling. It actually should go quickly from this point. I have finally ponied up and tried this mesh method that will allow me to make the mosaic in my studio and then just bring it to the job site and slap on the wall. At any rate there goes the rest of my January. This is probably my only only post for the rest of January. It's funny how things change in a years time.

This is the center panel of an indoor waterfall in an inset or niche on the wall.
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