Friday, January 07, 2011

Change Needed

I would like to freshen up this place and give my blog a new face but my problem continues to be time. I don't want to start messing with things that I can't finish. I have it on my list though. I want my blog to focus more on creative projects.

My winter break has so far been jammed packed playing catch up with all the things I can't get to during semester. This time of year it's doing the end of year bookkeeping for the business and taxes. I imagined myself engaged in all kinds of creative endeavors but no such luck so far. Before you know it I will be pack in class. (Ugh) Not looking forward to it. The good news is I am really down to my last 2 semesters. Unfortunately I will be doing a course overload and even though I tell myself I can do it, I have my doubts. Studio classes are very time consuming and all the enthusiasm in the world won't create more time.
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